Thursday, June 5, 2014

Email from Pres. Jordan

We got word last night that Elder Lawrence was back in the hospital.  This is the email we received from his mission President today...

Elder Lawrence is much improved this morning. He had a hard time getting to sleep, but when he finally got a good rest, he was much better.

I thought he might have needed something last night to help him sleep. Neither the hospital nor the Church Area medical doctor wants to give him any more medication because of the toxicity problem he experienced last week, and he has done ok without it. He is still a little confused from some of the apparent effects of the drug reaction (some irrational thoughts), but he is working his way through it. 

Blood analysis and EKG were normal last night. I am sending all medical information that I have and can transfer by email shortly. He will be carrying xray, sonogram, and fluorsopy studies.

Just had a long conversation with him and explained Church policy that when a missionary is going to be out of commission or on limited duty for more than two weeks, he is sent home to recuperate. In cases where the missionary has more than 6 months left on his mission, he can come back after he recuperates. In Elder Lawrence' case, he is two months from wrapping up, so he will not return to the mission. Naturally, he is very disappointed. He has worked very hard as a missionary and was looking forward to working one more transfer. He has served his mission fully and should be accorded the reception, honor and appreciation as any other missionary who returns honorably.

Thank you for your support. We will continue to update you as much as we can, and then follow up when he is home.

Ralph B. Jordan
Misión México Tampico

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