Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013

Hi there!!
     Wow it was so good and refreshing to get to Skype with you guys. Such a great Christmas present, right!!  I feel especially blessed for the opportunity that I had to Skype you guys a little longer than usual. It was pretty awesome!!! You guys all looked so good and happy and that is what makes me more happy than I already am:) and that’s pretty hard to do because I have been pretty dang happy! Through my time here in the mission I have found out the more service for people the more happy I feel. That’s why I have a strong testimony on the importance of service. It’s a way that we really can show our love for Jesus and that others can feel the love that we have for them.

     The mission is great! We are teaching a family right now that was inactive.  We have activated them and now their kids will have the chance to get baptized. They will be baptized on the 10th of January. I’m so happy and excited for the family TOVAR. They are such a special family... the goal right now for the parents is to go through the temple. I have faith that it shall come to pass.

     Elder Montoya and I enjoyed our Christmas. We made new goals to start off the New Year. These goals are to help progress this Rama. The work here is going really good. The members have been helping us out with our visits and we have had some good activities. Elder Montoya and I are working hard and enjoying the time that we have to serve together. Working in unity and love for the members. We have been seeing many great things happening here and will continue to see many great things happen.

     I hope that you guys have such a good New Year’s Eve.  It’s crazy to think I’ll be home in 7 months. That time is so short. Are there any goals that you guys think I should make for my last 6 months here in the mission? I’m sure there is!  I hope you guys are enjoying your time that you have to relax at the cabin.  I love you all so much... have a marvelous week!!!
    Elder Lawrence

Eating dinner at the shop of a member. Happy New Year's Eve...better pictures to come:)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Feliz Navidad from Elder Lawrence!

Pres. and Sis. Jordan

Best Christmas present ever!!!! Skyping with Elder Lawrence was awesome!!!
He is so happy and really loving his mission!!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

HOLA…what’s up?
      This week was good!  Everything is going super good! I really like Bicentenario.  This last week was my first week here.  It was good to get to know all the new families and less actives and investigators. I could feel the spirit and love of everyone that we visited.  I can tell that this Rama (branch) is ready to work and wants to help with the progress of the church. Elder Montoya and I are planning a lot of activities to get these menos activos excited about church and the gospels blessing again. It should be great!!  We also want to do servicios to show our love and to gain more confidence with all the members.  I know that we will see progress and bautismals in this area.
     This last week we had an activity and there was so many menos activos that showed up…we also had like 3 or 4 investigators show up. It was great!  I’m grateful to be working with ELDER MONTOYA where I can learn from the experience he has and we can have success here.
     So to answer your questions…. Yeah my area is kinda small, it seems like. It’s not even a full ward yet… it is a Rama (whatever that is in English, I don’t know). But we have a President de Rama here not a Bishop. The ward on Sunday was really good. It was the primary program here so it was cute to watch all the little kids sing and stuff.
     They call this place the “promised land” because the most success in the mission is in Victoria.  Yes, there is quite a bit of less active members here so yeah we got good work to do.  We also have about 4 solid promising investigators here.
     So my companion is from Peru and he has a lot of time in the mission. He will finish the mission while I am his companion. He is in his last two changes. He is really super cool!!!  We are planning on working hard and having fun. That’s the goal:)
     So yeah, I’m pretty excited about getting to Skype. But first we have to find a computer where we can Skype and stuff.
      So I received on package from you. A Christmas package...but I have not seen the other two yet. Oh and tell dad that there are no making cookies here in Mexico. We’re lucky if we have a plug in stove in the house. But it’s a good idea:) I would if I could but I can’t so I won’t haha. but there are two really cute poor families that I want to do something special for. Like a Christmas package of some sort. knock and run… like secret Santa.
     Oh so Victoria, it is sooooooooooooooooooo super cold here. Like more cold than I had at the MTC it feels like. But it’s cool, I think I’m starting to get used to it so that is good. Oh and today for P day we are going to the batting cages. Yeah, baseball!!!  They have batting cages here! How chill is that:) You should look it up on google earth... It is pretty beautiful here for the most part.
     Thanks for all of your advice. I have a question for dad. What were some really good activities that you planned with the church when you we’re on your mission?
     Well anyway time is flyin fast see ya guys soon;) love you all so much and have a great week…loves yas.

     Elder Lawrence

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December 10, 2013

HELLO family…
     So yeah baby... I got transferred and I’m now in the promised land of Victoria. Right now I’m looking at a guy and he looks exactly like Brother North hahaha. I just thought I would tell you that. So yeah, my time with Elder Garcia seemed so fast. I can’t believe that I already got changed. I thought I was going to be with him at least one more change but I guess that’s not what the Lord wanted. My time in MataRedonda was super great!! I learned a lot there. I love it there. But I think I just might get to like my new area more! It’s called Bicentenario (an area in Victoria).  It’s a little bit smaller than a ward haha... But I am looking forward to all the great experiences I will have and the progress I will gain here.

     I can’t believe how much snow is in Hurricane…that is crazy! It's super cold here in Victoria but there is no snow. I don’t like the cold to much but that is ok. So on the last day at church I didn’t know that it was going to be my last day. I got the opportunity to give a blessing to a sick member. She asked me.  We are really good friends with this family. It’s the family Gonzalez and the girl that asked me is named Tania. So we gave her a blessing and it was super good (I think).  I felt the spirit so strong and the words just flowed. I really felt like an instrument for the Lord and it was nice!! Later that night we told them that I was leaving and they cried and I gave them two ties and a picture and it was a really beautiful moment because this family is so sweet and they were such good examples for me.

    Well, I love you guys so much I hope everything is awesomely good at home.  I will talk to you guys soon love you all ADIOS:)

   Elder Lawrence

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 3, 2013

What’s up family?
      Sorry I’m writing a little late. Can you believe that it’s December!! How great is that? I just really love this time of year to tell ya the truth. There just always seems to be good spirit in the air. The weather has been pretty dang beautiful here in Tampico and all of the buildings are putting up their lights for Christmas. I guess you could say it’s really starting to feel more like Christmas. I do wish I could be with you guys during this time of the year because that is what it is all about. But don’t worry, there are a lot of good families here in MataRedonda that will take care of me…hehe I hope:)

     So this last week not too many people went to church.  I really think it was just because it was Stake Conference.

     You said something interesting... something about putting baptisms on the calendar. For me that is not my goal in the mission. For me I feel like re-activating a less active member is like a baptism. Because it’s about how many souls are we helping preserve to the end.  And for me that could be just as important as a baptism. It’s exactly the same work even though they have already been baptized once before.

     So in MataRedonda the work has been progressing. The progress isn’t too fast but it’s moving. Everything is getting more organized, so that’s good. One thing about here is that there is a lot a lot of gossip. Everyone talks about everyone. That is not good and we are trying to get rid of that problem.

      Last week I went on divisions with Elder Johns.  It was so cool to learn his area and meet some of the people in his area. Yesterday we ate Little Ceasars.   When I was on divisions I got to talk to a family that I met and taught when I had only been in Mexico for one month. I always see them. They love me...haha.  I don’t know how I always see them but I do.  It was fun to really talk some good old fashioned Spanish with them;) hehe.

      Last week we had some great times doing some service projects.  First we helped move a whole house. Then we put up cement for a second story to a house…it was good.

     Well, I hope that everyone has the best of weeks and remembers the true meaning of this holiday.  I know I will:) I’m glad to hear that Blake has a 4.0 right now, that is really good! Haha he must be saying his prayers every night or something.
   Thanks for all and adios from Mexico.

 Elder Lawrence   LOVE YOU

Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

     Was this last week Thanksgiving or is it this week?  I don’t even know anymore… haha.  Nobody talks about Thanksgiving down here in the Bronx.  

     I’m way excited to Skype with you guys too…it should be lots of fun to talk to the familia. I hope you guys have some good stuff to say haha;) Can you believe this is going to be my 2nd Thanksgiving and Christmas in the mission…wow. How awesome is that hehe!!!

     So it sounds like you guys had a pretty great week this last week. I also had a pretty good week! But it seems like all these weeks out here in the mission are good because I’m always learning something new.  I have seen so many examples of good solid families and other families. There is a great difference when a family is living the gospel and when a family isn’t.

     So I think my companion is bi-polar.  He started acting way different for like a couple days and then returned back to normal haha it was kinda weird.

    So this last week was super good for us. We had a lot of success! 60 people or so attended church and 26 of those people were less active members. Isn’t that great?  It is so good to see the work of the Lord progress here in Martaredonda.  We also had our Ward Council meeting so that was good too. Everything is starting to get organized here and the progress is awesome. I am pretty happy about that! We have had so many good experiences here. Well, I always have good experiences. Lot’s of experiences…always.  I’m learning and growing so much...not only in my height but spiritually also hehe;)

    So a 16 year old girl that we teach got pregnant but the good thing is that she showed up to church this last week.  A 15 year old girl that we teach is getting married in December…can you believe that? It’s pretty crazy stuff here.

     There’s a lot of mud in the streets here because it has been raining and it has been super cold. I really don’t like the cold at all... haha.  Well anyway, I hope that you guys have an amazing week and do some fun stuff and read the scriptures.  I can tell you that if you do read the scriptures you will be blessed. I know there’s probably not that much time there but here in Mexico the people have endless amounts of time.

     Well this next week we have a goal to put some baptism dates. So we will see what happens. Have faith right? Well, I love you all so much!!!!  Have an excellent week! Adios

Elder Lawrence

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 19, 2013

     So this week was super duper fast... like I really can’t believe that I am sitting here writing to you guys again. This week went pretty dang good. I hope that it went supa good for you guys too! We had the opportunity to contact so many people.  We also had an activity at the church that went good. It was definitely a success! The members really helped out with us.  It was more of a really big family home evening.  25 people went and we played missionary games and stuff. It was really fun. 

     This Monday we went to the temple also... I have been to the temple sooo much. I am lucky to get all these chances to go to the temple. I am super blessed…I guess that’s what that means haha.

      So we are changing our house because the water really doesn’t work that good there and the house is super small….it’s not a good house. So we will be changing this next week I think.

     I am enjoying the work here so much. I love seeing the progress… it is so great. The people here are the bomb haha!!! We got the chance to eat pan- cakes and they were pretty good.

    So I bought sunflower seeds the other Monday here. They now have those in the Walmart’s here…isn’t that great?

     Well,  I love you all!!!  I love the church…it is true!  Read the scriptures say your prayers and have an excellent week. Adios:)  

Elder Lawrence 

Doing a service project for someone in the ward

Elder Cisnado & Elder Miller & Elder Lawrence
at the Tampico Temple

Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

Hey, what’s up family!!
     This week was pretty good in Martaredonda. Even though I was a little sick in the stomach. I had some stomach aches for a little bit and I threw up once and other stuff in the toilet that I don’t want to mention;) hahaha but nothing to worry about, I am totally back to normal and I feel good now.

     So there was less people this last week in church. That was a little bit of a bummer. Only 10 less actives went to church... well I guess those numbers are better than past areas that I have been in… haha remember Valles;) we had like 0 people that went to church I remember haha.

      So I’m excited for the Christmas package haha.  I hope that I’m in Martaredonda for Christmas. Yeah, it has been cold here lately. Lots of rain and stuff and I get super cold easy. Everyone in Mexico thinks I’m a vampire because I look like Edward or I did before I got my hair cut haha. They say my skin is super white and stuff, but I feel like I am super tan…hahaha who knows.

     Tomorrow we have our interviews with the that should be good fun hehe.  That's why I got my hair cut.  We started up the Consejo de Barrio here this last week.  So we are now going to have Ward Council meetings and everyone is going to do their Visiting Teaching and Home Teaching. 

     We talked in church this last week and it was perfect… I feel like what we said really touched the ward. I talked about the Atonement of Jesus and Repentance and Temple work and blessings and my companion went by the spirit and it was really great. I thought what I talked about was good for the time of the year.

     Yeah mom, I always write Joe Tyler and Adam like every week. They are doing good.
Well, I love you all so much and I hope you have an excellente week. Love you!!!

Elder Lawrence

Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

      How is everyone doing?? I hope excellente!!!  Yeah, like you said it’s so crazy how fast the time is going. 14 months… wow, don’t tell me that haha! That makes me sound old in the mission. 
      I can’t believe dad is 49 years old!! Oh man!!  Now that really is old;) haha jk. Sounds like you had a really good time celebrating the birthday of dad and Halloween. I sure hope so! 
      Everything here in the mission is super legit.  Everything is going super great!! I really do love my area.  It is definitely my favorite area that I have been in. So my new companion is Elder Garcia.  He is way cool and we work really good together.

     This week we had 45 people in the church!! It’s a new world record haha. 16 of those people were menos activos that we are teaching and two were investigators. So we are doing really good here and our numbers are some of the best in the zone…but that’s not what is important. It’s that the people really are changing and the people that we are teaching really are having a change of heart.  It’s so beautifully awesome to see people change for the better.  I love being a part of this work…it is bomb.

     So right now we have 4 investigators that could be baptized before Christmas. They just need to go to church 5 times in a row. That is a rule. All 4 have been once. So I guess we will see what happens right:)  So the other day I had a very strong feeling when we were walking…a feeling that we needed to visit this family. So we went and visited this family…the family Carmen.  It happened that they had a kid that was super sick.  He was in a lot of pain. Well, he’s not a kid he’s an adult but he was in a lot of pain for his mouth that he had some sickness.  So we had a lesson with them.  I really felt like we needed to visit them to give him a blessing. So then I asked if he had faith in the priesthood and in receiving blessings and all that good stuff. He said…OH YES. So we gave him a blessing... then we didn't see him for about a week. They came to church this last Sunday. This Sunday was testimony meeting and Sister Carmen bore a really special testimony about the power of the priesthood, faith and those missionaries.  The doctors had told this guy how sick he was and is was in so much pain but now he felt good.  It was awesome to see the power of God and the Holy Ghost.  It was great to be a part of a miracle and to see how grateful Sister Carmen was.  So it is a dang good thing we followed the Spirit and went to this poor family's house.  Well that's one experience for ya.  I do have so many ya know haha! I am just full of these great experiences haha. But really it’s the truth.

     With another sister we visited we gave a super spiritual lesson about faith. Her name is Elizabeth. She was crying but it was more tears of joy. She was telling us how she is going back to church now and how she received her answer again. So it is so awesome to be a part in all these blessings and miracles. 

     So yeah, this last week was really good. We are going to clean our house supppppper good today!  Because a lot of bugs are biting us and we are getting itchy haha. Well I hope that you guys have an amazing week.  I love you all so much. Best family ever!!! 
      I’m going to attach the photo of all my companions that I have had. My new companion is the Elder on the very left. 

Elder Lawrence 

Happy Halloween

Last day with Elder Santeliz

 Elder Garcia, Santeliz, Rodriguez, Lawrence, Leon, Rodas, Martinez 

My new Companion Elder Garcia

Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

Hello everyone….
     Oh yeah, can you believe that!!  It really is pretty crazy how fast the time is going by. Sometimes I just can’t believe it! You feel old?? Hahaha oh plz….at least you still look young hehe.

     Well, I’m still doing very good. Trying to love every single moment of my mission:) So today we had cambios and I did not get changed. I’m still here in Martaredonda…thank goodness. I got a new companion though. His name is Elder Garcia. He seems pretty cool…so I think I have been really lucky with all my companions. They have all been super cool. So it was really crazy all of my old companions were there in central dismorning.  They were all being transferred somewhere. So I got to see all of them and we took a picture. It is probably the best picture in my camera haha! We were all there together… the whole gang. It was super cool haha.  I can’t send it right now because this computer is really slow but I promise I will send it when I can ok:)

    I want some good stuff for Christmas plz…some good stuff haha. Also do you have the cream for arthritis? An older man in my church who is my friend really needs some. I would love to help a brother out.

     I can’t believe its going to be Halloween this week. I just wish this computer worked to send photos. Oh well, what do ya do?  I love you all so much.  Have the best week ever ok:)

Elder Lawrence

Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

       I am doing super good!!! I feel like I just got done writing you, and here I find myself writing you all again hahaha:) Its super crazy how fast time is going by…super crazy! So this week was really good.  We had a good week because we got the awesome opportunity to get to know Elder Ringer a little bit better this last week.  He is the assistant to the president.  It was good to have Elder Ringer with us one day for divisions.

      This last week we had the baptism of Rosalva. It was so spiritual!!!!  I really felt the spirit so strong during the baptism and I was reminded of my baptism. The service really was so beautiful and we had a great turnout for MartaRedonda. It was awesome because one of the members brought her friend Margarita.  God has really prepared her because she felt the spirit super strong, and now we have a new investigator. And after the baptism we watched “The Other Side of Heaven.” It was sweet!  One less active member that we have really been working with showed up. His name is Oscar and he is pretty inactive. So it was a great blessing to see him there. He really enjoyed the movie a lot.

     I’m so thankful for the spiritual experiences that I receive all the time that remind me what the purpose of the mission is. My companion and I  have some good goals here in MartaRedonda.  This last week we worked a lot with members that don’t have the priesthood and a lot with members. Our goal is to get these guys going to church again and to get the priesthood strong here. Everything is going really good with my companion I haven’t had any problems at all. He is from Mexico by the way.

      So your box of candies came that you sent me for Halloween. Thanks so much. I love you all. Have a great week. 

Elder Lawrence

 This is the day I gave a talk and it rained so much on the way there...haha

 When we went Golfing.. Elder Riley, Mendoza, Santeliz

This is who got baptized. Rosalva Martinez de la Rosa

Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

Hello everyone…

Thanks for your email. It made me laugh pretty good!! Haha got to love those Arvigs!! Sounds like you guys had a really great time at the fiesta…that’s good stuff!  I’m glad that you have been enjoying my emails. I know that they are nothing compared to Elder Stockards haha but hey I try;)

     So yeah, I counted it up and I have been to the temple 6 times in my mission!! Wow isn’t that super awesome? Really not that many missionaries get the opportunity to go to the temple as much as I have gone. It’s really great too, because every time I go I see miembros from my old wards. I feel pretty famous here haha but really it seems like I know so many people… it’s awesome!!

     So another thing you won’t believe that I got the opportunity to do today on this beautiful Monday in Mexico!!! Yep you didn’t guess it…. I went golfing!!!!!!!! yeah dog!  My companion and I went with the Zone Leaders. Haha well you know how I am good friends with everyone. They invited us to go golfing. We got permission from Pres. Jordan.  Some members that Elder Riely the Zone Leader knows works at the golf course. So we got to golf for free!! It was so awesome haha!!!  Yeah, that’s what happens when you are obedient you get the blessings jeje!! 

      So this week we have a baptism planned for Saturday and right after the bapitsm we have an activity planned so that we can get new investigators.  We are going to watch a church movie in the will be super awesome.  Con todo.  But last week was good , we were way busy all week.  10 inactivos showed up to church this week...the attendance was a little less....but I'm going to blame it on the rain.  It started to rain super hard right before church super hard!  My companion and I gave talks in church too.  They were pretty good.  We received 3 references right after.  so that was an awesome blessing...because we needed them.  But yeah, the spirit was super strong so it was all good and we were really wet because we had to run to church from our house in the rain haha.  I'll send some pictures.  I talked for like 15 minutes like it was nothin..

      Well... do you think you could by a charger and send it here?  Then I can have two cameras… that would be cool.  Things are going really good with me and my companion.  

      Yes, it’s a river that we cross to get to Mataredonda.  No I didn’t know Elder Kunz because he had only been out one month. That was really sad to hear about.  You know me mom…I’m always careful  Well I love you guys so much I hope everything is going really good, and that everyone is super healthy!  I love you. Good bye .. Adios. hasta luego.. nos vamos. 13. meses,;)
 Elder Lawrence

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 8, 2013

     WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This week was so good!!!!!!!!!!!! We had so many spiritual experiences.  I’m loving the work here in Mataredonda. It reminds me of Alton so much!! I feel so at home, it’s crazy!! The hand of God really is here working!! At one of the Gen. Conferences we had 45 people show up. That is a lot of people!! With the other missionaries the most people that went to church was about 38. So the work is really growing here and I’m loving it.
     Dang, I don’t even know where to start this letter because so much cool stuff has happened. All I can say is I feel like I’m really getting blessed here and I know that you guys are getting blessed there in Hurricane. The football team no….but I hope you guys are haha. So yeah, me and my companion went to the temple twice this week. We went with a family from Mataredonda who was taking out their Endowments. We got permission and everything from President Jordan. I guess the sister has done a lot for the church and knows the President so she called him first, then I called him. He gave us permission to go with them to take out their Endowments. Then tomorrow we get the oppurtunidad to be testifiers for them when they go to the temple to be sealed… so this will be our 3rd time this week. I guess you could say we’re feeling pretty espiritual here haha.  So it was really awesome…the first time we went to the temple this week one of my friends from my other ward Independcia 1 was taking out his convenios endowments and going through the temple for the first time. So I actually got to accompany him.  It was such a special experience and I really know this is the work of the Lord and everything was planned by him.
     Conference was so awesome too!!!!!!!! I loved all the talks. Especially Elder Valenzuela who talked about my favorite scripture. You don’t even know how much I talk about the little things that bring about great things. I use that with everything to teach haha. But I loved it!!!
     So we played soccer today after the temple and my feet are torn up.  I played bare foot and they hurt so bad!!!!!!!!!!!  But it’s all part of the plan of God haha.  Entonces no pasa nada jeje.  I couldn’t get a charger to work for my other camera so I ended up buying a new camera today. It’s pretty dang tight and it was only 700 pesos. I actually bought it just barely. It’s white and 16.1 mp. It’s pretty sweet!
     So we had a lot of menos activos go to church this last week. 14 menos activos and 4 of them were new members so heck yeah to that!!!!!!!!!!!!  We had a lot of spiritual experiences this week.  We had a family Home Evening that was super spiritual…it really was great. We have a baptism date for the 19th of this month, so we’re getting prepared for that. It’s going to be awesome. Tomorrow we’re going to the temple again…Can’t wait haha! You can never get enough of the temple verdad!!!
     I’ll be thinking about what I want for Christmas. Can’t believe that it’s almost Christmas…well…in a few months! I got your other package with all the candy. Thank you very much:)  I love you all so much. I hope everyone is doing super good and has a great week. Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Lawrence:)

Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

Hola HOLA hola!! hello…
     How are you my friends? So what’s up?  How are you guys doing?  So I believe that everything is part of the plan of God… I always have believed that.  This week Elder Girot was sent to another area and he is no longer my companion. It is now just Elder Santeliz and me. I really did learn a lot from Elder Girot though.  It turned out not to be too bad.   We actually ended up having a pretty good time!

     Right when Elder Girot left though you bet your bottom dollar that we went to work papi! We cleaned that house right up.  Now the house is nice and I love it. It’s all clean and organized. We’re in the process of organizing the folders of the people we teach. We asked the ward for a new member list and I’m getting things together here. We are going to see the progress of Marta Redondo because this area really is awesome. I really do love it!  I now know with the super good energy in the air and the love that this area is going to be the bomb! There is work to be done here and we are doing it. Elder Girot only wanted to teach the people that he was custom too, but we are going to be going out now and looking for a whole bunch of new people to teach and work with.  I now have the list of members in the ward that will help us a lot.  We talked about having a meeting with the leaders in the area of Consejo de Barrio. Don’t know what it’s called in English. Were going to put together invitations for the conference and pass them out to everyone!!!!  We’re pumped for the conference! I can’t wait… it is going to be awesome to watch.  Conference is going to be in Spanish I think but that’s fine with me. We’re also putting together an activity for the ward. Yeah, there is some good stuff that is happening here in Marta Redona.

     I never lost enthusiasm, even in the trio (as hard as it was).  I’m blessed to be in this area and I know that Elder Santeliz and I can progress this area more. We now have 3 baptism dates set and 45 people went to church this last week.  When I first started here there was 28 people who went to church. The hand of the Lord really is here and it’s all about that love baby haha.

     Well everything is super good!!!  Elder Rodas gave me his old charger:) so I will be able to charge my camera. Well I hope all ya’ll have a marvelous week. I know I will because I’m in the work of the Lord.  I love you all so much and all of you are in my prayers. CTR everyday. pray, read the scriptures and go to church.  That is the key to a great life.  Loves ya bye Adios me frens y familia. With lots of love, your brother, your friend, your friendly neighborhood missionary.

Elder Lawrence

Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

Hello hello…
      How is it going family? I hope everyone is super good. I’m doing good… that is for the time being...haha… I don’t know what the problem is with one of my companions but he hasn’t tried to got along once with me at all. He is so not cool, but my other companion Elder Santeliz is super cool and we get along really good!  It’s hard to work in unidad (unity) when my one companion is weird about everything.  I’m pretty sure he doesn’t like that me and Elder Santeliz get along.  I also think he doesn’t like me for other reasons. For instance he has 5 months in Matraredonda and a lot of the members don’t even remember his name. He has like no love for the people and everyone here already remembers my name. When were walking the other day all the members yell… “Hey Elders... Elder LAWRENCE”.  I just have that gift where I can get along with everyone really easy and everyone likes me.  I do not think he likes that at all.  I haven’t had any problems really in the mission but I think he definitely is a test for me and he’s an American too!! Wow! I’ve tried to get along with him and I have love for everyone…so I don’t know what this guy’s problem is but whatever it is it’s his problem. Dad, this dude would never take the day off to clean the house. I’m not going to say anything more.

      Elder Santeliz and I cleaned the house the other night.  It’s a little better now and that’s a good thing because I’m sleeping on the floor on a little mattress pad and there is a lot of dirt always on the floor that we sweep up every night.  I haven’t seen any cockroachs in this house so that is good and for that I’m grateful.

     I’m pretty excited for conference!   Mom, I’ll buy a charger as soon as possible… and yeah, the members still feed us here and yep I live in the State of Veracruz. There is like 3 stores here and they are little little stores. We have to cross the river to buy our stuff.  We bought our food and stuff at Walmart this week.

      That was awesome to hear about Ethan and how good they did at his tournament, congratulations!!  Well, I've got to go… I love you all so much!!! 

Elder Lawrence
  (These pictures were taken before my last transfer)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 18, 2013

Hey what’s up family!!
      Yeah, the hurricane was pretty cool, I guess. It rained sooo much…way super hard.  It was to the point where President said that we couldn’t leave our houses. The streets got super flooded. I was walking around in water up to my knees.  It was a pretty good time you could say haha.

     So yeah we had cambios (changes) and I got a new companion, and I’m also in a new area. The area is actually really sweet!  It’s a pueblo (small village place) It’s like an island kinda because we have to cross the river to get there. We don’t cross the river in car, we cross in a little boat thing hahahaha…it’s pretty legit. From what I have seen of my area it’s super cool!!! I’m pretty excited! So yeah, Elder Leon and I both left our area. I’m now in a trio. So there are three of us missionaries. Its kinda weird but sweet I guess. One is Mexican and one is American. The American is Elder Girot. He has like 20 months in the mission or somethin, and the other is Elder Santeliz and he has about 7 months in the mission. I don’t think we will be in the trio for that much time though because new missionaries are coming this next week. So I guess we will see what happens. I’m just going to try to learn as much as possible in this time that I can. I bet I can learn a bunch of words being with another American. It will be a little different to get used to but it should be good. I didn’t really even have time to say good bye to the members in my other area so that is kinda sad. There are some really good people there but I’m really excited to get to know the new people here in this area. I hope they are some nice people. The church is super small.  It only has about 30 members that attend or something. So I will definitely get my turn to give a talk hahahaha. Probably like every other week, who knows?  Oh yeah, so my area is actually considered part of Veracruz. How cool is that, huh??

     Soooooooooooo yeah, the reason I haven’t sent pictures in so long is… well, I guess you could say that I lost my charger. I’m pretty sure someone stole it but who knows? So I haven’t been able to charge my camera or take pictures. I’m probably going to buy a new charger soon because I’m going to want to take some photos ya know. Were making memories here!!!

      So that’s pretty cool all the waterfalls and stuff that you guys have had there in Hurricane. It’s green…wow!!! So how is school going with everyone?? I hope good.

      I feel like it will be kinda weird for me going from such a big ward to a small little ward. I’m pretty stoked though. We went to the house just real fast though and it’s not nice at all. It’s super small and dirty. The toilet doesn’t work. I could probably go on on on but I’m not going to. You want to know why??? Because I’m Elder Lawrence and us Lawrence’s aren’t babies. We don’t complain about things…We JUST DO IT, like Nike haha!  Nah, but really there isn’t room for me there, even though I’m not even that big…but it’s alright haha.

     Well, I love you all and hope all of you are doing good!  I always pray for you guys. Have a good rest of the week. Goo be me frens… haha love you all. Adios.

   Elder Lawrence