Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

Hello familia…
     Last week my letter was pretty short I know…haha sorry, it’s because we had transfers that day and a bunch of other stuff going on. But I sent you guys a voice recording... did you not receive it? Because you didn’t say anything about it and I thought you would be pretty excited about that hehe.

     So I am with Elder Montoya for another change. This will actually be his last change in the mission…isn’t that great!! They are really pressuring the work so much now these days. It is so great!!! The Obra de Salvacion is so good. We have such a big list of less actives and investigators to work with now. It’s awesome!! This last week someone from the 70’s came and spoke to us in Victoria.  It was really great to get to listen to Elder Mendoza.

    We have a baptism date with a little boy that we reactivated in the church…him and his mom.  His name is Eric. He is awesome!!  I don’t know why but I really like to teach and work with kids. I guess they just remind me a lot of Ethan and Kamrie. Not so much Blake haha he is a little older.   We also have another baptism date for the week after the 9th with a man named Guimero. They are both golden investigators and both will be baptized…no questions. So we are super pumped about that! I really enjoy teaching these guys. They both have such a great spirit every time we teach them and a drive to learn more about the gospel to get closer to Christ. I love it!!!

     Tonight we are actually going to Tampico. My companion has an appointment with the doctor at 10 in the morning there. His hands have been sweating a lot and are peeling and are pretty bad. So we talked to Sister Jordan and we got it all set up to go to Tampico. So that will be a nice a little break haha not really. I think we will be sleeping in the house of the secretaries. Maybe we might get to buy pizza or something. That would be cool.

     So that’s cool that Nadia is going to Lima Peru. That is where my companion is from!  I can’t believe how soon Blake will be receiving his call too. That’s crazy!  I’m super pumped for him!

      This last week was good at church, we had a good turnout again. Victoria is super awesome! The weather has been pretty good here. We had one day of some freezing cold but not to bad.  Our thing that heats the water broke so we have been bathing in cold water. That is not fun, I tell you that much.

      Well I can’t believe another week has come and gone. Time is fast. I love you all so much…be safe, pray and read the scriptures and ctr… Love you all!!!!
     Elder Lawrence

Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

Hey everyone,
    The goals are going good!!!  We had 3 baptisms two days ago. It was so beautiful!! The spirit was super strong. We have two other baptism dates in February also!! So we are pretty pumped here. This is the last cambio for my companion. So that’s cool that I get the chance to be his last companion. We’ve pretty much been tearin it up here…doing some really good work. I love it here!!! We had 16 less actives in church this last Sunday and a record number for people at sacrament meeting…50 or so people. So everything is progressing pretty good!  We are staying humble because we know that all that is happening is the hand of the Lord and that’s a testimony builder for me. Oh and also at our activity this last week we had a super good turnout!! We talked about families and gave some really good messages about that. Then we ate some cake. It was some good cake!!!
     Hope you all have a good week. It’s going to be a fast one. Love you all soo much!
       Elder Lawrence

 The Baptism of Milton, Mariana, & Oscar

Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

      Yeah, you said that right!!! Can you believe it another week has come and gone? It’s so crazy how that happens. I feel like I closed my eyes then opened them and I was in another week.

     Well, Elder Montoya and I are doing super greatly awesome! Thanks for asking. Actually the weather was really good this week. Like so nice…the sun was shinning and everything. I loved it! Maybe that is why this week seemed to go by faster haha. We were pretty busy also. We had the interviews for the family Tovar and they all passed their interviews for their baptisms so that is some pretty great exciting news! They will be getting baptized this Saturday!!!  Yippee!!!!  I love when I get to see the Lord's hand in the work and I definitely know that he is with us every step of the way.

      So anyway…I’m super proud of Ethan! I’m pretty jealous also because I think he definitely has more trophies than I have now. hahaha. Good job E! Blake also... that’s crazy I won’t see that kid for 2 more years.

     We have been working a lot with the family Tovar to activate this family and teach the gospel to the kids. We also received two new investigators that are super attentive and willing to progress and take the steps to repentance. So Elder Montoya and I are really gratefully to have received those references. We will be putting baptism dates with both of them this week. This Rama is really strong. There is some good unity here. They are always asking when and where they can help us. It is so good to have the backup of our area. This week we will also be having an activity with the ward. We are hoping to get some new references there. It should be great!  This last week we had a lot of menos activos show up to church. The spirit is strong here in this area and we have used it in all the progress that we have had.

     Well family I love you all sooooooo much and I miss you guys a lot!!! Just remember the scriptures and prayer invite the spirit.  It’s super important to have the spirit with us always! Then we will feel happy and peaceful and calm. It’s our guide in life. Well, CTR everyday guys.  Love y’all so much bye.

Un abrazo,
Elder Lawrence

Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!

      It sounds like you guys had a pretty good time at the cabin even though you came home a day early….but that is cool that you got to see Kenzee and the family. So it was probably better that you guys went home early. At least you guys got to eat shrimp haha…even if it was a day later.

     So the New Year’s Eve for me and Elder Montoya was good. It was raining like crazy here in Victoria and we came back to the house a little bit early because it was a rule for that day. We came home at 8 and we both were pretty tired so we just went to sleep…hahaha so it was good! But all the fireworks were pretty dang loud all the night so that kinda kept us up a little bit.

     This week is pretty busy for us!  We changed the date of the baptism to the 18 of January.  We feel like the family Tovar will be more prepared by this date and it's a less busy week for all should go good.

      We had about 12 less actives in the church this last week…so that is pretty good.  We are hoping to have more progress in the weeks to come.  It has actually been pretty dang cold here. It has been raining on and off like crazy. I started to get a sore throat yesterday but I took some medicine and now I feel better, so that is good.
     I have made a lot of new good goals for this New Year 2014. I still can’t believe how fast my time is going in the mission. This last 7 months of the mission is going to be the best!
    Love you all so much. Have a great week!!!

       Elder Lawrence