Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

What’s up family!!!
      We are doing super good out here in Mexico. It’s supah hot, really hot!! Like I leave the house and I start sweating. Super hot and really humid!!! But I really like my area a lot…it’s awesome. We have got so many new families that we are teaching…it’s bomb!!!

      One of our investigators went to church this last Sunday and she seemed super happy to be there. I know that she really felt the spirit. Her name is Rosy. She also has a husband named Gorge.  Gorge didn't go to church this Sunday but he will definitely for sure go this next Sunday.  Some other investigators that we have went on vacation, so for that they did not go to church.  His name is Victor and Jose.  Victor likes to drink...but we are helping him with that.  He won't like drinking for long.  We had 4 investigators in church this last Sunday so we were really happy about that. 

     I feel really blessed to be in this area. The spirit is so strong here and I know that we will see so much progress here.  Like this last week we had about 16 families show up to church. These families that showed up are less actives.  They are some of the families that we are teaching. It felt so good to watch the chapel start to fill up. I know that the work that we are doing here will truly bless the lives of these families.

     I’m so grateful to be a part of this work. I seriously can’t believe how fast the time is going though. It’s really crazy. I just have to stay strong and enjoy and love this last part of my mission. I love all the experiences that I have had and keep having. I really feel like I have grown so much spiritually…maybe not in my height but definitely spiritually. I know I will continue to keep growing if I do my part and do what the Lord wants... I love Mexico and I love the people here. I also love my family so much... thank you all for everything you do for me! Have a great week!!!

Elder Lawrence

 Mi Casa in Tampico

 Elder Lawrence with his new companion Elder Antuna

Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014 (4 Months to go!)

Hello my family that I love so much!!!!!!!!!
     How is it going?????? Sounds like your guy’s weekend was awesome…fun filled and full of adventure! Hahahaha that story is so funny that you sent mom! That really could be like an episode from “The Middle” or something haha that’s super funny. That’s so good to hear that Nadia did really good on her farewell talk. She is professional!! She will be a super good missionary!

     Dang... I can’t believe that you guys sold the little blue the car for only 300 bucks. That is sooo cheap... I hope you took off the pipe on the back and all the stuff for the speakers and the rims hahaha:)

     So do you know where I am going to be living with Elder Rohde?? Has his mom said anything? I’m pumped haha.

      So this last week was Easter? I didn’t even really know it. It did not seem like Easter at all. I didn’t even see one painted egg. Can you believe that? Soo sad…but what do ya do hehe.

     So this last week was pretty fast. I am pretty sure these last cambios are just going to go by soaring flyin. This last week was super good... we actually didn’t have that many lessons because all of the lessons were fallin through. I am used to having a little bit more lessons because in Victoria none of the lessons fell through, we always had lessons... so it’s a little different…but the people are awesome here. The church is way beautiful. There is a good spirit here in the area so that is nice. We actually put two baptism dates this last week…but they did not show up to church this week.  So that was sad... but its okk. We are going to keep visiting them. Their names are Rosy and Gorge. We actually helped them change their whole house. We came in contact with them when we were walking the streets.

      The bread here is pretty good…I’ve bought a little bit.  I’m really lovin it here!!! It will be a nice area to finish my mission. I have a good feeling that this is my last area. I’m excited!!! I know that the spirit is definitely with us here helping every step of the way.

     Well, I love you guys so much. Can’t wait to skype with y’all soon:) It will be super fun!! Love ya bye…adios.. 

Elder Lawrence

Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

Hello Family...
     I’m so glad to hear that you guys all have been keeping busy... and you are having success in your activities. It’s super cool to hear that Blake is tearin it up out there on the tennis court and that he will be going to prom here soon. It’s awesome that Ethan has been doing super good with his baseball team and that he is a boss when he pitches. Also that Kamrie is dancing and cheering up a storm. All the news is super good. I love it!!!

     My news is good too, haha like always;). I got changed and I’m no longer in the Promised Land haha.  I’m now back in Tampico in a place called Miramar in the Zona Bosque.  I’m super pumped to be here! I can’t wait to meet and come in contact with all these new people. I know that these last months will be full of the spirit. My new companion seems pretty cool.  His name is Elder Antuna and he is from Mexico. He was actually in Victoria when I was first there. So I know him a little bit.

      So wow I can’t believe I am all signed up for college and I’ve got my classes!  That is some really good news.  I’m super excited...but more than that I am excited because I am a missionary in this time. What a special time to be a missionary really. There is so much work and so much progress here that is just waiting on the hands of the Lord…which is us missionaries. We’ve just got to reach out to the people... who have little faith. Just like Jesus reached out. I know and have testimony that if we show the Lord our faith and our willingness to serve we will see the blessings and the fruits will come for our esfuerzos…actions.   I love the gospel. I love helping people learn the gospel and that is why I am here to help the people understand learn and put the gospel to work…especially with the families.

     I love you guys all so much and I will see you all really soon…except for you Blake…you have to wait two more years.

Elder Lawrence

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April 7, 2014

Hello family….
     It was really great to watch the General Conference.  I really got so much out of it.  Elder Quinones and I have been working good together…except every once in awhile we get mad at each other.  But we have learned how to control and fix that.  The spirit has been stronger with us lately.

     I can’t believe how fast this cambio has gone.  I really have felt so many emotions here in Victoria.  I have learned and gained a lot of experience here.  I love it here!  My testimony has grown since I have been here.  I have seen the true faith of members be put to action.  We really have a great desire to help this branch out so much.  If we put our trust in the Lord I know we will see the blessings.  I think that is why Elder Quinones and I sometimes get mad at each…because we just want to help the ward out so much but we aren’t seeing anything happen.  But I know that someday all of our work will show.  Our numbers don’t look like much but we have been giving much service and shown a lot of love here.
    Love you all so much….thanks for everything!!!!

         Elder Lawrence

 At the house of a member in our ward

Playing football with our zone

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 1, 2014

Hello everyone…

     Everything is going better!  I get along good with my companion…we haven’t had any problems at all.  This week we did have trouble getting new investigators.  It’s sad because I feel like we are really working hard but we don’t have any investigators to teach.  We did receive one new investigator that is really interested.  He went to church and we will be putting a baptism date with him this week.  So that is good news!  We were so thankful to have him to teach.  We were fasting that we would get a new investigator and we received one.  

     50 people attended church this week and we had about 15 less actives that attended.  So that number stayed about the same.  We are really praying and seeking progress.  We have faith that we will soon see the fruits of our work. 

    The baptism that we had last week went pretty dang good. It was  very spiritual. I didn't know her that well because we only taught her once.  Her name is Valetina and she is super quiet.  Im excited to tell you guys all my great experiencias when I get home... this is the best journey ever!!! You will like my stories.

     I hope everything is really good.  Sorry this letter is a little short this time…but I love you all the same and I’m always praying for you guys.  Thanks for praying for me too!  See ya’ll soon. 
     Love your Elder.

 The baptism of Valentina

At the Museum with our zone