Thursday, September 27, 2012

Week 3 at the MTC

HOLA! sup familia...
   I am going to start this email off today by answering your questions:) 1. Si, i write in my journal, not every day because that would be a really boring journal, but enough where i get the good experiences down. And the bad experiences, even though i haven’t had any yet:) 2. Me and my companion had to buy our own soap, we just share the soap and wash the colors together and do the whites separate. i have not had to wash my pants yet, today is actually the first day I’m washing my white shirts hahah:) 3. ummm no i have not recieved a buzz yet, and i do not plan on receiving one until the end of my stay here at the mtc haha. 4. A typical day here at the mtc huh?? Well we usually wake up at about 6 every morning.. we then proceed by NOT showering and go to gym, depending on the day. On Wednesday we have service at 6.30. but at gym when we have it early which is a lot. i go to the top floor where people stretch on the mats and do yoga stuff, and i do a little bit off deep meditation. Almost in a sleep type of form.  i play basketball, i play alot of basketball which is really fun, everyone in our district likes to ball…haha. Next we go back shower, than we go to breakfast. After breakfast we go to class and we do personal study companion study all that good stuff until lunch. After that is language class, we have two teachers that are really cool and good teachers. After language study we have dinner. Than additional language study, then we study the language in the computer lab until around nine. Then we do like companion inventory or something and head back to the dorms and chill there until 10.30 and go to sleep. Thats about it i think hahaha:) 5. My espanol is coming along i guess, it is really hard though, i just need to remember to have faith. Faith is really important out here and being obedient. Yeah i can say a prayer in Spanish, that was the way easy part haha. We started teaching fake investigators in the first week ha. Yes i go to the temple every p day. Today we did initiatories, we eat the breakfast there on p day which is really good. I didn’t go last week though because i didnt want to get the temple workers sick.7. hmmm you could send some more treats, i cant really think of anything else oh wait maybe some ties?? i really dont have that many but that’s it. What the heck, haha i didnt know Blake was going out with Lauren.. well that is cool.
  Alright well I've got to go now. I love you all, and am praying for everyone in the family, tell them i said hello. ADIOS. Elder Lawrence


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Week 2 at the MTC

Whats up Whats up Whats up!! 
     What be happening at the Lawrence hood?? haha probably nothin cool because im not there, but what can ya do haha jk;) Time is really flyin here at the mtc its awesome! soo i dont think i got the cookies you said that you sent:( thats the bad news, now want to hear the good, actually i got kinda sick this last week. Sore throat, runny nose. it really wasnt that bad tho at all. I was still able to get up and do everything. Every time i get on to email on thursdays, it seems i forget all the questions that you asked me hahaha. Lets see, The food here is pretty good if you like to have gas;) haha jk but for real. i havent lost any weight, but i havent gained any weight either.
      On Tuesday our district had a way spiritual testimony meeting the spirit was way strong and we all really bonded. Im pretty sure that our district is the closest district in the mtc haha. I saw Justin Post and i have talked to him quite a bit. I figured that would happen to Austin, i totally saw that coming haha. Hahaha thats funny about Seth, you should have bought his kitchen knives haha jk. Tell dad thanks for getting my stock all set up, thats sick wit it, ill be rollin in the cash flow now. jk haha. 
     Me and my compainion get along way good!! we havent even argued or anything at all, actually nobody in our district has that's how cool we are haha. You guys are always in my prayers, so im pretty sure you're all recieving blessings. Especially Blake because he gets to go to that concert thing haha;) Tell grandma Ligtermoet and grandpa i said hi. i dont really have time to email them. ill probably send some letters out this week though. They keep us really busy here at the mtc. We are always doing something every hour of the day. ive been playing alot of basketball during gym, Boston is usually on my team so it is just like the good ol days haha!! isnt that funny. yeah you guys can all send me dear elder letters, those are tight. its hard to reply to every letter though but i appreciate the letters haha:) OH yeah im starting to become alot more serious when teaching. im so used to being the funny guy and sarcastic haha. but ive gotten used to using the spirit to teach and being serious so that is good:) well time is up. i love all of you guys. C.T.R Erryday:) Adios

Thursday, September 13, 2012

First P-day!!!

Hola, mi madre.
     Today is our first p-day and my first time being able to write a letter so we will see how this goes. I cant believe i made past that first week;) haha jk it really wasnt even that bad at all. Just getting past that very long first day. My district is so awesome and my companion is way chill. i really think we might have the best district here. Im learning spanish so quickly it's freaking crazy. The Holy Ghost is definitely doin some work on me haha. Soo you will never believe who my zone leader is.. yep you probably guessed it. hahaha Boston Gubler, isnt that insane, everywhere i turn i see people from hurricane i love it haha. Im actually having a pretty dang good time out here in the ol MTC it is not bad at all. i think that i have matured more in a week here, than i have in my whole life haha;) a member of the 70 talked to us on tuesday, Brother Carson or somethin ha but it was a really great talk, well for the part that i was awake for anyway.. jk. We have alot of class time where we just sit in the class, that seems like all we do. For our personal studys and our language study our district usually ends up talking though haha at least for the first week anyway, its pretty funny:) well i love you alot, and just know that there is no need to worry because i am having a great time. Im glad i brought that blanket from home, its like sleeping at home i sleep just like a baby its so nice. So Everything is so good so far.

     One thing i have noticed though is I'm finally going through puberty, and my acne is breaking out. so if you could send me some stuff for that, that would be awesome:) thanks.. oh and teeth whitener stuff. Porkrines or whatever there called haha. maybe some candy. and maybe those dr shouls feet soul inserts for my shoes. hahaha well thats about it. thanks for all the support. Tell the family that i love them. i have recieved all your mail. i love recieveing the letters its great. we can recieve those everday. Tell Ethan hi and to keep his pimp hands strong. nah what i mean:) ill write seperate letters sometimes. but my time is limited.. Adios. el fin haha:)

I just thought i would send some pics. Tell everyone i said hi, and am doing good and love them.:) oh could you please send my face stuff, like the coloring awesome!!! sorry i dont get much time to e-mail. im going to try to send seperate letters to everyone:) Adios
 My Companion...Elder Gneiting

Sunday, September 9, 2012

1st Letter from Elder Lawrence...

Hola! La Familia...
     All I have to say is wow!  Today was pretty dang intense.  I guess you probably heard that I totally puked when I first got here.  Turns out I must have ate some bad chinese food.  No haha, it was really hard saying goodbye to you guys.  But I know I'm doing the right thing.  I just need to have a lot of faith & pray often.  I love all of you guys so much, it was hard for me to spit that out back at the airport with all the built up emotions and what not.  Well anyway today was crazy and the longest day of my life. I love you & promise I will stay strong.  I still can't believe this is happening.
      CTR...Love, Elder Lawrence
PS...The next letters should come through emails I believe, on my P-day.

Day 2...Today was much better I must say.  The day still seemed long. But I think I'm starting to get into the flow of things.  Tell Ethan...I miss playing baseball with him...haha.  My companion is awesome!  Guess who it is?  Elder Gneiting...yep the guy Austin knew.  So that is really cool.  We get so much thrown at us to do it is crazy.  but it's all good because the spirit is really strong here and you can pretty much use him for everything.  I love you all.  Thanks for the letters.  I'll send pictures when I'm more in the swing of things, and know how to.
    Love, Elder Lawrence

(About Bryson's companion...when Bryson went to EFY a few years ago he had a roommate named Austin. Well, they have stayed in touch pretty good since EFY.  The day before Bryson left for the MTC Austin called him and told him that he had a friend named Carson Gneiting that was leaving for his mission the next day too and that he was also going to Tampico Mexico.  It's so exciting that he ended up Bryson's companion!!!)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The MTC drop off

Kenzee and Lacey picked Grandpa and Bryson up at the Airport.  They went to lunch and then took Bryson to the MTC.

This was taken from my sister Kenzee’s blog….
     Lacey and I picked them up at the airport and drove to Provo to have lunch.  During the drive Bryson reminded us that it was the first time he’d flown since he was a baby.  He joked that it brought back memories of our family’s trip to Montana.  The good ol’ days!  We ate at P.F. Chang and Bryson was a little quiet and didn’t have much of an appetite.  We couldn’t get him to touch the dessert.  I just wanted to hug him and tell him it’s okay to be nervous…but I knew that he just needed some space.  He really was handling it so well.  I can’t imagine knowing that you’re leaving your family for two years!  He’s so brave
     We pulled into the MTC where they have you drop off the missionaries and unload the luggage curbside.  Bryson said, “my stomach just doesn’t feel good.”  We told him that that’s normal and he’d feel better soon.  We got out, grabbed his luggage, and grandpa John started to go in for a hug.  That’s when Bryson lost his lunch.  Poor guy.  Right there behind the car.  All the emotions and anxiety is a lot to handle.  But things move quickly so he rinsed his mouth (I’m so thankful I had some water for him!) gave us each a hug, turned around for a picture, and he was off!  I think he felt better after ditching the Chinese food.  He was all smiles! I just get emotional thinking about the courage that these young missionaries have.  I love him.  I’ll miss him.  He’s going to do a great job in Tampico, Mexico!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Adios Elder Lawrence

These are some pictures of us and Bryson's friend Adam at the St. George Airport waiting for his flight to board.  Bryson's Grandpa Ligtermoet was able to fly with him to Salt Lake and then take him to the MTC.   It was so hard to say goodbye....two years seems like such a long time.  We wouldn't want him any other place though.  We're so proud him for making the decision to go on a mission....he's in the Lord's hands now.

 Ethan started us all crying...he was so sad to see brother go.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Brand New Missionary

Bryson was set apart as a Missionary tonight by
President John Bramhall
Pres. Lundeen
Pres. Chandler
They all gave him some great advice and Pres. Bramhall gave him a beautiful blessing.
Afterwards we all went out to eat in St. George.
It was a very special evening.