Friday, October 26, 2012

Week 7 at the MTC

La Familia, Que Tal!! What the heck is up!!
      So I’m just going to start by telling you some good news… Guess who the new Zone Leaders are??? Yep, yours truly:) Elder Lawrence!! So ya, there’s a new gran hefe in town! They must love us hurricane boys!! So pretty much everything is still going really good here. I’m getting pretty excited to leave though. I really like teaching real people, a lot better the fake investigators. Yes I got the package you sent. Thank you for all the stuff, especially the flarp. That has made for some pretty funny pranks here at the MTC… haha. I’m feeling really good, no runny nose, no earache, that went away after the first day. So yeah everything is really good here. The food still gives that Elder gas in our district.. haha, it’s pretty funny but gross.  Yeah I have the chewable vitamin c, I’m pretty well set I think. I can buy the phone card here so I’m just going to buy it.  It’s like $5 for 200 min or something like that.
      It’s snowing right now. It’s pretty dang cold up here. We went to the temple dis morning, me & Elder Skinner. The rest of the district got to go back to Vegas because they messed up on their passports, so once again we got jipped haha. But it’s all good because today is my p-day and I wouldn’t want to miss that anyway;) hopefully I get my visa soon!! I’m not sure I really would want to be reassigned but whatever happens is in the Lord’s plan, and will work out for the betterJ
    There was a really good fireside talk this Tuesday by Larry Ecco Hawk, he told an awesome story. We got a new district this week also, it seems like yesterday we were the new district, now we’re the oldest. Well I’m not sure what I would like in the new package?? hmm maybe some teeth whitening strips or something I don’t know haha;) Lets see what else is going on around these parts, I’m not really sure, all the days just start blending together especially when we are doing the same things everyday. There is a lot of studying going on, if you guys were wondering.  But I love sitting in a classroom all day so its awesome hahaha.. Oh I look pretty pale kinda, I think it’s because I haven’t seen the sun in 8 weeks, but I really like the shade of pale I have become, its quite nice. I haven’t lost any weight or gained any weight so that’s good. I’ll try to think of anything I need, ill send a letter home if I can remember or think of anything.
     I hope everything is really good for you guys at home, I pray for you all every night, along with my visa;) haha but seriously… Keep me posted and updated, I love to hear about everything…it’s great!! Before I leave I’m going to send a box home with some things I think, just some things that I won’t need in Mexico. It will be nice leaving the Antarctic and getting to paradise, that will be kinda weird going from snow to hot sun.
     One thing that just came to my mind, you guys should read the book of Mormon as a family… But actually finish it this time:) that’s my goal for you guys…That book is amazing and is so true:). Alright well I can’t really think of what to write anymore, but if I do I will send a letter home. I love you guys so much, and I thank all of you for giving me the opportunity to be out here serving a mission. It’s the best thing that I could be doing…I love you all sooo much:) 
      Love Elder Lawrence
          El Gran Hefe  

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Week 6 at the MTC

Hello Familia!!!
     Que tal, que pasa, hola, buenos dias. Sooo, you want to know what’s happening this week huh?? Well ill tell you what’s happening. Just life changing experiences, you know the usual. On Tuesday, 4 people from our district which is everyone besides me and Elder Skinner got to fly out and go to Vegas!! Yeah, can you believe that, I totally got jipped?? So I guess before we get our visas we have to go before a Mexican consulate. Elder Skinners and I had to stay back here at the spiritual compound. Hopefully we will get our Visa's soon though. Its kinda like my drivers license it seems to just never come… haha. It was kinda nice having everyone gone though, we got a whole bunch of studying in, and some extra one on one time with the teachers. The room didn’t stink as much either because the kid with gas was gone;) hahaha
     Its starting to get pretty dang cold here, it’s just pumping me up to get to the holy land of Mexico though!! Seriously I can’t wait to see the sun haha. I think it’s possible that I may be the palest kid on campus??  I’m not sure though…jk. For some reason my immune has been down, I had a soar throat and a runny noise in the beginning of the week and I think I might have a ear infection now, but nothing to serious that will hold be back from the work of the Lord:)
     We went to the temple dis morning and did some sealings, that’s always a good time. On Tuesday Elder Bowen of the seventy came and talked to us, he had a really great talk I love all the devotionals we get to go to.
     Hahaha… yea so I guess I look like Marky Mark around these parts, I used to be called Elder Walberg…I’ve got two pics of him hanging on the door, that is the pic I sent you guys haha good stuff:) I kiss it with my fingers every time I leave the room. haha;) I sent the pictures by elder Gneitings card reader thing.. And yes me and Elder Gneiting get along very good still. We pretty much can baptize anyone that comes in contact with us…haha jk. The cyst on my forehead is pretty much gone, so that’s a good thing, just a tiny little hard bump, but no big deal. I haven’t even used my shoulder bag, so it is holding up really good haha. It does seem like it is kinda small though?? I don’t know how much books and stuff that will be able to hold in Mexico, I guess we will see?
      Let’s see I got the package yuppp!! haha I love those ties as does everyone else, I don’t even want to trade them away haha thanks for all that:) let’s see.. hmmm I need some new teeth whitening listerine...I’m all out of that. I’m out of cough drops and the Alka Seltzer stuff also, I can’t really think of anything else right now. I’ll send you a letter if I think of something.
     I’m emailing Elder Barker, Post, and Tay parker its cool to hear and talk to those guys. Also today Elder Brian lee came into the MTC. He is in the same dorm place as me. It’s so cool to see all the people and talk to the people from hurricane. Well I better go my time here is up. I love hearing from all of you guys, I love to hear how everyone is doing and what not Tell everyone I love them, and I’m always praying for you guys.     
  I love getting all the dear letters, and letters. I love reading dads letters too!  These letters are for the whole family. I don’t want dad to feel like I’m not writing him. But I really do appreciate everything you guys have done for me:) I love you all!! Have a great trip at the cabin. Adios... Love you!!!
    Love, Elder Lawrence
       aka Marky Mark;)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Week 5 at the MTC

Que tal me Madre y familia!!!
   Yes, I did receive the donuts, they were much appreciated here at the mtc. I can’t wait for those ties to get here so I can start doing some business…haha. That’s pretty cool that you won in bunco!! Is that your first time ever winning hahaha?
    I received Ethan’s letter… hahah!  I loved the part where he said he did the t-bow after he scored a touch down. HE is such a stud!! That’s great that you finished the book of Mormon, I probably should follow your example and get on that haha. Yeah it’s starting to get a lot colder up here. I can’t wait to get to paradise already and teach the people of Tampico in my gift of tongue under the beautiful warm weather. Nope I never found my temple recommend, but I got a new one and was able to go to the temple today so that was good! Yeah I had to get re-interviewed and everything. By one of the top presidents here so that was cool haha. Nope I don’t know how to call home when I’m in the airport, but yeah I probably need a phone card. If you send me some cash I could probably just buy one here I think. Yeah jeez haha, I want my drivers license already, I can’t believe how long that thing is taking, oh and my visa also:) That’s tight I heard about Mitt Romney, he better win the job as President:)
      Let’s see some experiences huh?? Well for starters on our Tuesday night devotional, David A. Bednar was the speaker. So that was way awesome!  I took some really good notes on that. My days here at the mtc are just full of spiritual experiences. General conference Sunday we had a fireside and Chad Lewis was the speaker. He’s a pro football player and his story is on Mormon messages so that was way cool. Another district moved into are zone so we are no longer the young new district.
     I’m still doing great, the days are pretty much the same here, so it’s hard to find stuff to write about haha. But im learning a lot, that’s something you should know. I’m pretty much fluent in Spanish;) haha jk but its coming along quite nicely. I never forget to pray, prayer is the key to life and success;) haha jk I made that up, but it’s pretty true. Tell everyone Hello and that I love them and am thankful for there thoughts and prayers. I can feel the blessings being received each day.
    I forgot to tell you awhile ago, sister hunt sent me a little letter, tell her thanks and let her know that I received it thank ya. Well I hope all is well at home, keep me updated. I still can’t believe another week has come and gone time is flying!!!
Well adios Family goodbye. I love you all so much:)                                          
    Love Elder Lawrence, el Latino

 Elder Gubler & Elder Post from Hurricane

Boys will be boys...building a fort!
Notice all the candy above the closet. We could start selling it because there is a ton. Our old roomates that left had so much and he left it with us. His parents sent him so much...haha it's sweet!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bonus Letter!

Lawrence Family,
    Hey what is up?  Wow, can you believe that??? Missionaries at the age of 18...and Sister Missionaries at 19.  Dang, that is so crazy!  I bet there will be a lot more Sister Missionaries now.
    Well anyway, how is everyone?  All is good here at the MTC.  Usually we are go go go here, but since it's Conference we have had a lot more chill that has been pretty dang nice.  Blake better be really preparing for a mission now since he can leave so early...haha...too bad he will be in school.
    Well anyway I just thought I would write you guys a quick letter while I was sitting around.  A couple of nights ago my district all built a fort in my room.  We had mattresses covering the floor and we tied blankets above and everyone slept in our room.  It was pretty dang fun...haha!!!
    Let's see I haven't gained any weight and I haven't lost any either, so that is good.  How is everyone doing?  keep me updated.  I love you guys so much!  Hope you had a good Conference.  Adios!
        Love Elder Lawrence  C.T.R.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Half way point at the MTC...Week 4

     It’s Thursday morning and we all woke up to go to the temple. When we get there i look in my suit pocket and my temple recommend is missing, nowhere to be seen!! soo ya i guess my temple recommend is lost, and i didn't get to go into the temple:( well that’s the bad news.  Anyway the days really blend here at the mtc. It almost kinda feels like one big day.. haha. I can’t believe how fast time is flying here, I’ll be in mexico in no time. Hopefully my visa comes on time, also my license. 
     The Spanish is definitely coming along, i don’t feel like I’m having a tough time remembering it. The hard part is the conjugating of the verbs. But it’s really nice to have the lord and the spirit on my side, to give me the gift of tongues so it’s not too bad. Of course I’ve had spiritual moment’s, I get those about everyday here in the mtc. Let's see ill tell you one that is really special to my heart.  Ok so it was late one night, when I hear this beast of a noise coming from the end of the room. The noise was one of the elders snoring, I could not fall asleep. And I know how important sleep is here at the mtc. So I prayed for that beastly noise to stop, and yes it immediately stopped :) haha I might write you and tell you a better one we will see. Let’s see conference is this week!! I’m so excited to hear the talks!! Isn’t that funny?? They mean so much more to me now, i actually understand the importance of them and the meanings now. So that will be way sweet for this Saturday and Sunday. 
     I've gone to the doctor dude twice for that cyst! Its still kinda there but its gone down a lot. All that doctor does is touch it and than ask stupid questions. So I’m just going to wait for it to go away. Actually I’ll probably just pray for it to go away soon haha:)  Could you send me a bunch of ties, like DI ties or something, and my old ones. I want to get into the trading business:) oh and my white watch the big one, i kinda want that. Tell everyone thanks for the letters, i enjoy reading them and hearing what everyone is doing and stuff. Sounds like everyone is doing good, so that is good. I’ll probably write up a letter and send it out by next week if that’s cool with you. We will see though, depends on how much time I have… haha:) i love you!! and i love everyone in the family, and the Mexican people:) The love is just in the air, well anyways my time is up… adios!! have a great conference weekend and week Love you all:) 

Hello me Madre!!
I guess today is your lucky day, because i decided to get back on haha. yeah i need to check the front desk at the temple. or else I’ll just get a brand new one i guess:/ Soo mom, i heard it is way expensive to send the donuts and stuff so candy bars will be just great haha:) oh and definitely he ties. Joe sent me a letter, said that he sent his papers in. And gave me some real sad news… Have you heard about Brian Scott?? i really hope my license comes, mine expires 11/15/2012. Grandpa Sinclair sent me a brand new tie it is a way nice one too. Tell everyone that i say hello, and let them know that I’m doing really good, i seriously haven’t had any problems so that’s good:) i would send some pics but they took the sd card reader things away. and i don't think i have the chord to plug it into the computer here. So i got an idea, with my old ipod could you sometime or have Blake erase all the music and put Lds songs on it and send it to me with a speaker. That would be freaking awesome. Well anyway, I better go I’ve gone over time;) tell dad i love him, and appreciate his letters and his example.
love to all:) adios..