Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012

Buenas noches family!!! Hello!!
     Wow I can’t believe how fast the weeks go! It feels like I just got done writing you guys…haha. I love all the emails I receive, they are all really good. It makes for something good to look forward to. So it’s starting to feel weird when I talk in English now. Like when we are with the other elders from America. I’m so used to talking in Spanish all day everyday. So my Spanish is actually pretty dang good! For some reason it just like comes naturally for me and the words just stick to my brain. I’m able to pretty much say everything that I want. Some things I have to try explaining to my companion but for the most part its way good. My companion said my Spanish is already better than his last companion he had who had like 7 months in Mexico. It is definitely the gift of tongues! Every one of your prayers are being answered for me and mine also:)
     So last week was Thanksgiving? Yeah we don’t celebrate that here so I didn’t really miss that at all, no big deal though. We eat so much food here, it’s like having Thanksgiving everyday… haha seriously… I love love love the food here, it’s the best!! I really haven’t had one bad meal yet! I haven’t had to use any of the charcoal pills or anything! I haven’t gotten sick either, which is a really good thing.  I don’t plan on getting sick though…haha. I even brush my teeth with the tap water, I think it actually makes my teeth whiter;)
    So today for P-day we got to play sports, so we played basketball. Everyone was really excited about this because sports haven’t been allowed in the mission. And now they are allowing sports so that is really awesome. I received your package you sent, I haven’t opened it yet so I’m pretty stoked about that haha.
     We have four investigators and none of them are really progressing right now which is pretty lame. But I’m sure the Lord has a plan and it will all work out. Hopefully they go to church or something….that would probably be the best thing for them!  I taught a lesson to some menos activos the other day, about prayer. The spirit was really strong during the lesson. We’ve been working a lot with the members. We pretty much know every member really good. Gaining the confidence in the members is important and that’s what we have been doing. The most important thing is to always have love for the people. We sing hymns at the house, pray, share message and just talk…. It’s really great and the spirit is always present. Confidence with the members is important so they will help us with less actives and give us new people to teach and such. I love working with the members. Almost every members house we go to they give us something to eat. Even though they don’t have much they always give us something… it’s great!  I’m probably getting pretty fat… haha I should probably workout a little bit haha maybe I’ll make that a goal;) Having goals is really important also, that’s where you will find success and be able to progress fast, by setting goals.
     I’m glad everyone is doing really good, except for Kamrie hopefully you get feeling better. Sounds like grandma had a great time in Texas too! Oh and that’s awesome Kenzee is having another baby! That will be cool if I get to share my birthday with the new baby haha! So many people have their mission calls… its so great!  I’m way excited for all these brothas! There is a member in our ward that is from Ghana Africa. He is way cool he speaks like 5 languages. We like to go to his house and he tells us experiences from his mission, it’s awesome!! I’ll send a picture of us.
     Le gusta mi iguana alpha?? El is muy rapido y loco jajaja y recredar mi de hogar con mi mayor iguana jaja. Maybe sometime I will write a whole email in Spanish, that could be fun! Well everything is really really good here. I always have a prayer for the whole family in mi corazon. I love you guys so much and miss you all, but it’s time to get back to work. I’m on the Lords time ya know. Oh yeah, everyone is getting ready for Navidad here so that’s cool…something exciting alright! Well, talk to you next week, love you all so much!!!
Muchas Amar,
  Elder Lawrence:) all day erry day (CTR)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Week 2 in Mexico

Hola Familia,
     Yep, another week has come and past by, isn’t that crazy? Time flies by fast these days!!! Especially out here in the field, the time really went by fast this week. Weeks are starting to feel like days almost…haha. Things were really really great for me this last week. It’s kinda hard to remember all that has happened….probably because my mente is so focused on Spanish;) haha.
     So my companion and I have a baptism date set up already!! For December 9th , hopefully she keeps attending church so she will be able to be baptized by then. It’s harder to get baptisms now because of the big change. We only teach menos activos miembros.  We are also supposed to get a member to come with us to all the lessons now. We don’t do any street contacts unless the people come up and talk to us. We work with the members a lot, its pretty great! The members are all great! Actually everyone in my area is awesome! They all love the elders… me and elder Rodriguez are pretty much famous around these parts…haha. The girls here really love white blue eyed boys too!! haha. My companion really caminar rapido (walks fast) haha! I remember how hard it was for me to walk with mom in the mornings, that wasn’t even fast walking either. I really am being blessed because I’m not lazy like I was!!! I really can’t believe how lazy I used to be, its ridiculous. I wasted a lot time being lazy and I don’t know why!!
      So we actually have 2 iguanas now!! I bought my own! I named it Alpha…So its Alpha y farje haha. Both are like the same size as the iguana I used to have. We just got done cleaning the house.  It’s super clean now, so that is a good thing.
     Wow Dixie won State!! How did that happen?
     So I’m not really sure what I want in the Christmas package, how bout you surprise me. I would like a lot of candy and stuff though, that would be cool. I like when you guys send me pictures in the email you should always send me pictures. You could send me some new pictures in the package too.
      Ok, so my companion is from Tlaxcala Mexico. Yes we get a monthly allowance we eat a lot of food haha. I’m probably starting to look fat, I don’t know. We go to the taco stands a lot, they are so so good. Right now I don’t have my passport with me it’s with the people at the church office building. We have a washing machine at our house, so that is nice.
     That’s good that you guys have started the libro de Mormon as a family, that book will truly bless your life. It will answer any questions you have. I have some advice for you before you read each night.  Have a question in mind or something you need to know. Pray for that and read the book of Mormon. You will find your answer in that book.
     Well, I better wrap up, my time is limited. I love you all soo much! I’m grateful for all your prayers. I’m praying for all you guys as well. Love you and thanks for all the letters. Well, I’ll talk to ya next week:)
  Adios muchas amor!
     Love, Elder Lawrence

 This week I got to do a companion exchange.  Guess who was my companion for the day? Haha… yep Elder Johns! It was pretty fun!!! He is a really awesome guy and I learned a lot from him.

Elder Lawrence & Elder Rodriguez
with Farje & Alpha

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1st week in Mexico!

Buenas tardes!! Hola familia!!
     I’m loving my area…I love Tampico!!!  Everything about it, I’m serious.  Right now we are in downtown Tampico chillen for p-day. The weather has been so perfect here. The food is so so good!! The members only cook the best of the best for us…haha.  I haven’t had any problems with the food at all. Not even one stomach ache.
      Everyone is sooo nice and so loving!! They all respect and love the Elders. Everyone says hi to the elders and we say hi to everyone, I love it.  I can’t believe how fast the language is coming for me!! It’s definitely got to be the gift of tongues!! I can talk about everything that I want to in Spanish and I understand pretty much everything. So I don’t feel lost at all. I have full conversations with my companion and the people that we talk to. We have been teaching and visiting less active members. We visit so many people!! We haven’t even been turned down yet. Here we don’t even knock on doors anyway, the people are usually outside and if they’re not outside we just yell buenas dias, buenas tardes, or buenas noches.  I fit in so good here, the people just all feel like family to me. They really love the blue eyes…haha that’s key;)
     I haven’t had to use my water filter thing they gave me in the MTC. The people don’t drink the water out of the sink, it’s all out of jugs and its good water. My companion is so awesome!! Really we are a lot alike, I love the dude haha. He is a really good teacher and he’s so good with talking with people and everyone loves him!  People are always offering to buy us food and stuff too. The food really isn’t that different, except for the fact its freaking amazing haha. Like, I’ve eaten chicken, hamburgers, rice is always with the meals & tortillas. I’ve only had beans once. So I haven’t eaten anything crazy yet… but maybe in the future.
      Today for p-day we cleaned the house up real nice, and then went to a flea market, now we are in downtown Tampico kicken it. We gave two blessings this last week which was cool. Oh ya, we have a pet iguana, Farje is his name. It really is our pet…its awesome, he helps clean our house…haha.  I saw two people from my MTC district earlier in the week, because we had to go to downtown Tampico for our visas. So that was really cool to see those Elders again.
     How is the family doing? Everyone sounds like they are doing great!! Too bad it’s cold there…haha.  Lucky for me the weather is perfect here!! People do drive pretty crazy here in Mexico, I guess that is something that is different.
     Well ya everything is going really really good for me so far, I am loving it!! I must say, it has been a pretty successful week here. Especially for it just being my first week…we had some really good experiences:) well, I love all of you guys soo much. Thanks for your prayers, I’m definitely getting the blessings from them.
     I love you all… keep it real and ctr. I hope this was enough information;) I never know what to write haha.
      Elder Lawrence 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Definitely not in Utah anymore!!!

Hey family,
      I made it to Mexico!! The Mission President is letting us write home to let you know how we are doing.  Well I’m definitely not in Utah anymore that’s for sure.  These first days have been crazy! I have so much to tell you but there is not much time. I just want you guys to know that I’m doing good. It’s already been the hardest thing I have ever done. But I know that it will be soo worth it. It’s weird not knowing what people are saying. I wish I already knew the language then it wouldn’t be bad at all haha.
      So some exciting news... You know Elder Stockard, well when I got off the plane he was the one to pick us up. He is the Assistant to the President. Isn’t that mom’s favorite blog page? I also had a meeting dis morning and Elder Johns is in my area and he was there. I’m pretty sure that's another blog page guy mom likes haha. My companion is Elder Rodriguez and he only speaks Spanish. Its pretty dang crazy he is way cool! I sure know that I am going to learn the language fast because of faith. But right now it is really hard to talk to people and know what people are saying. Just being out here these couple of days I realized how much I miss the family though. It’s hard being away I realized how much you guys have all done for me and I love you so much.
      So the place I’m serving is in Madero, right in the city of Tampico. It is great! The people here are sooo nice, we say hi to everyone!! I tell you what, it definitely isn’t what I thought, but I like it haha. Our house is small and pretty messy, I’ll have to give you the address so you can look it up. It’s a little pink house. I haven’t felt to hot here. I really like the weather so far, it’s way better than the MTC weather haha. So I’ll send you pictures on my first p-day. You will love them! I do look really pale in them but don’t worry I’m healthy and not sick. I just got pale at the MTC from not seeing the sun…you know how my skin is haha! I’m really excited to get mail from all of you… like I can’t wait haha:) you can send me as many emails as you want also, I love reading them. Ask me questions so I know what to write about. I have a lot to say, I just don’t remember it all once I sit down to type. I think it’s because my brain has so much going on. I loved dad’s letter thanks.
     I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to talk that long in Houston my plane was boarding and it was really crazy. So how is everyone doing? probably not as good as me right:) all I know is that I’m going to be doing a lot a lot a lot of praying for 2 years. That’s for sure. Oh the showers are nice and cold here if you were wondering. So I’ll tell you about my companion, he is really hard working just like you wanted. We are always working. I just hope I don’t lose weight haha. My first night flying in was crazy; we went through a lightning storm. Once we landed the president and Sister Jordan were there to pick us up. We went back to the mission home and then left and slept at Elder Stockard’s apartment. The next day we found out who our companions were and where we were going to be living. Then we left, they said it was the last time we would be seeing carpet for awhile. They definitely were not lying haha. That night my companion and I went out to go teaching. After that I tried to get settled in and unpacked. The next morning we got up and started the day with studies and a meeting with the zone. That is where I met Elder Johns. We than went to a members house to eat. We ate some really good pescado. Then we went shopping for some comida. Now I’m here emailing you haha, ya it’s been crazy. All I can say is when I can speak and understand Spanish… oh and get used to cold showers, and the food, I will be tearing it up haha,) with the power of God of course, the only way I’ll make it out here is with the Holy Ghost. It’s pretty weird how safe I feel, I think it’s the name tag ha. Well I have no more time to write, sorry it is time to get back to work. I love all you sooooo much like you have no idea!!
 Adios, goodbye love you. yo se que la inglesia de jesus cristo es la verdad! muchas amor

Monday, November 5, 2012

He made it to Mexico!!!

Your son arrived here in Tampico as scheduled and is doing well. His first night he enjoyed a good meal and spent the night in a real missionary apartment close to the mission home. The next day, he was interviewed, received a mission orientation, assigned a first-class companion, and started a training program that will last 12 weeks. We are so pleased to have him here. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Presidente Jordan
Mision Mexico Tampico

Friday, November 2, 2012

Week 8 at the MTC

Good Morning Familia!!!
     Wait decorating?? Oh holy cow!! It was Halloween? Dang I forgot!! Well maybe next year I will get a Halloween haha;) jk but really it did not seem like Halloween at all in the mtc. Instead of people being dressed up as ghosts and stuff, We all get to feel the power of a real ghost!! The HOLY GHOST.. Isn’t that amazing:) haha well sounds like you guys have been pretty busy at home. Sounds like it was definitely a successful Halloween this year!
 So can you believe that Monday I will be in Tampico!! that’s crazy… Time has gone by so fast here at the mtc!! I’ll probably be calling home sometime between 7 and 8 I believe. Yes I’m definitely ready to get to Mexico! We’ll see how this whole language thing works out, its going to be crazy! But I’m excited and I guess maybe a little nervous. But not to nervous because I know that this is the Lord’s work and he will be walking with me every step of the way. I know that if I just try to speak the language, open my mouth. Than it will be filled with the words of the Lord.:) I love being the Zone Leader, it is great!! I feel like every district is my family! I love every Elder, they are all so great! Our zone has become so close since we got put in as Zone Leaders we all sit at the same table in the lunch room now. There is a really strong spirit in such a big group that’s so close. Dang I’m going to miss all these guys when I leave the mtc they have become family! I’ll definitely miss the mtc. One of the Elders reminds me exactly how dad would have been on a mission… its crazy!! He is a way hard worker and doesn’t really get sarcasm…haha. Oh yeah, I’ve tried to cut back on that sarcasm nonsense…haha:) but yeah its pretty funny!!
     So the speakers you sent will be fine, no worries. Umm I can’t think of anything that I need. I’ll just buy anything I need at the bookstore if I think of something.  I’ll probably just buy a sweater thing when I’m in Mexico if I get cold.
     Well I can’t really think of anything else to write about right now hahah umm maybe later on I will?? But sounds like things are going really good at home, that’s great!! Probably not as good as the mtc, but what can you do:)  alright I’ll talk to you guys soon!! Love you all so much!!! That includes everyone, I repeat everyone.. Thanks for all the letters:) ADIOS.

LOVE, Elder Lawrence.. The Gran Hefe

 Elder Lawrence and his Companion Elder Gneiting