Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013

Hola mi familia!!!
      Yes, I am doing very good! Thanks for asking. This week seemed to go by super duper fast, but I don’t know if it’s just me. My mission seems to be going by really fast. We had interviews the other week with President Jordan. I don’t remember if I told you that our not... but anyway, he told me that my ward is one of the best wards in the mission, if not the best!!!  Well, I don’t know if he just says that to everybody or what haha…but that’s pretty cool huh? He really trusts Elder Leon and I.

     We have been working super hard in this area, and it’s always great to view progress in Sundays. 112 people went to church this last Sunday. It was pretty dang full. We have had more before.... but I think that number is pretty good considering that it was raining super hard.  So it has been raining super hard here for about three days. All of the roads are flooded with water…its pretty awesome haha!

     We have been giving sooo many blessings lately. Pretty much at every house we go to we give blessings.  Because school is starting here also we have been giving blessings to all of the kids in the house.

     So I was waking by a little store place and I saw that Japan was playing Mexico in the playoff game for the Little League World Series.  I didn’t get to watch any of it though haha.  We  celebrated the birthday of one of the kids here that always helps us with our lessons…his name is Felipe.  I also gave him a tie for his Birthday.  He was super happy!! 
     Well, don’t worry about me out here in Mexico, I am doing super good, and loving the work and the blessings. I love you guys so much. Have a great week!!!

 Elder Lawrence

 Our good friend Felipe

Flooding everywhere!

Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

Hola Family…
     Sounds like everyone is doing super good!  I still can’t believe school is all started up and going…wow!! Did you know that in one year exactly from yesterday I will be at home with you guys! Isn’t it just crazy how fast time flies when your in the work of the Lord?
     This last week was super good!!  My companion and I were really feeling the spirit….we had so many super strong spiritual lessons. We put a date for baptism with one of our investigators that we have, his name is Ricardo. I am so excited for him!  I love seeing the progress that is happening here. We can all really feel the work of the Lord. Our ward has been really working well with us missionaries. We have every meeting possible and the members are doing their home teaching now. The church was full on Sunday, but I would love to see it more full!  We are striving hard every day to do our part, and to be the voice of the Lord.
     This last week was also really awesome because I got to go on divisions with Elder Rodas.  Elder Rodas is my Zone Leader now. It was really fun to get to teach and catch up with him again. He is the man haha!!
     Here is a story for you all… Elder Leon and I were sitting in the park the other day and these people who were about our age were shooting hoops. One of them asked us if we would like to play. We had a little bit of time, so we shot some hoops with them for a little while and when we were leaving one of the girls that was playing tried to kiss me haha. They didn’t know that missionaries don’t say goodbye and hello like that. I was like ummm we don’t do that haha...but maybe in 2 years hahahah it was super funny!!! This is the 2nd time that has happened…but the other time it was an old lady and she snuck the kiss on me. I didn’t even see it coming haha. But the thing is… these people have never talked to missionaries before and I could just see the seed being planted. Who knows probably one day they will end up being members of the church:)...
     Well, I love all of you so much!!! I hope you guys all have a good week!! Good luck in school, and work.
Elder Lawrence 

 Elder Rohde

 The ledge outside our front door

Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013

      I can’t believe school is already starting this week! That is pretty super crazy. Hahaha of course Kamrie felt like she didn’t get enough school clothes…It’s never enough for Kamrie:)  That’s pretty dang awesome that Blake is already a senior, wow!  That’s awesome that Nana came to visit.  I’m very glad that she is doing so good!  I hope she lives to be 100. She really is such a great example!!!
     Wow…how I miss your haircuts! I’m serious haha I don’t really like the haircuts that I have gotten here. Every time I’m done I feel like I’m ready to go to war hahaha.
     Oh Dang!! This week was super awesome! Elder Leon and I worked super super hard I tell you what!! I was really feeling tired for all the work. But really it was so awesome and such a blessing to see so many menos activos at church this Sunday. We had 16 people go to church that we have been working with. In the church there were 126 members that went to church. The normal is about 97 to 104. So we were really grateful for that:)
     So the weather had been super hot here like always but the end of this last week it started to rain and we had a couple of thunder storms which was pretty cool!
     I have a lot of goals for this next year… I am definitely going to try to write more in my journal, that’s one of my goals haha. Well, I can’t wait to get the packages that you sent me thanks.
     Here’s a story for ya… so we have been teaching this dude that is in a band and has super long hair.  He is totally a rocker. The other day he invited us over and he let us play his guitars. He was rocking out on the drums and Elder Leon and I were rocking out on the guitars haha it was super fun and super spiritual.... because afterwards we shared an amazing lesson... to make a long story short… the next Sunday he drove us to church and went to church. He is a less active member of 30 years. What a blessing and he really enjoyed church too!!!! The Lord’s work is amazing and the church is true.
    I love you guys all so much, always remember to pray. Just remember in everything that you do, to always have Faith…Faith- Confidence that you can do it.  Have hope and a love for what you are doing…with that you would be able to learn everything in one day haha:)
Have a great week! Love you all adios:)

  Elder Lawrence

Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013

HEY Yall!!
      Wow pretty dang crazy right, can you believe I have 11 months in the mission today?  Dang time sure is flying by fast!    
      So today actually is the day of changes!! 6 weeks was nothing...where did that time go? So yeah, I am with Elder Leon for another change!! I’m really excited about that because we have been working really hard and there are a lot of good things to come from all this hard work. We are starting to see many blessings. We have 13 inactive members that go to church every Sunday now and in the other part of Independencia there are 20 inactives. So there are 33 inactive members that we have that go to church every Sunday now.
     This morning we went to the Central and saw all the missionaries that were getting changed. It was so cool to get to talk and see all of my good buddies. I saw Elder Skinner for the first time in Mexico and so many best friend’s.  Remember Elder Rodas??? Well he is my new Zone Leader and so that is going to be awesome. I got to talk to him this morning and I’m really excited about that.
     We have been teaching these 2 dudes that are in a band and have super long hair and stuff. They love hearing and reading about the gospel and it has been really fun to teach them because of their faith.
      It’s a little sad this change, because I have so many good friends leaving for different areas but it will be really good to meet and become friends with the new missionaries too. I really like my area!  The Leader Misional is really good and we always have meetings with him. We always have meetings with the Bishop too. I like this ward because it has been working really well with us and we have the confidence of everyone.
     Haha mom,  brushing your teeth in the tap water is nothing! Yes, my garments are starting to get a little gross… if you could send some new ones that would be just fine with me haha.
     Well, I love you all so much, have a good week! CTR everyday. The Book of Mormon is true and say your prayers haha. Well adios.
     Elder Lawrence

          Elder Skinner & Elder Lawrence