Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17, 2012

What’s up Familia:)
     Ok I’ll start off the email with the good news!! The good news is I got the package that mom sent!!! Thank you so much… I’m glad it arrived! I am doing really really great!! Like always;) I don’t think you even need to ask that question now...haha! The investigators are doing great! We did drop one of them kinda though because he wasn’t progressing, but the other 4 all progressing!!
     So today is the day for the changes of the companions!! I’m so glad I get another change with Elder Rodriguez.  He is the best…I love that guy. We get to watch a Disney movie for the Navidad!! Pretty cool I would say!!!
      So I’ve got some more pictures for you guys… it’s of Elder Rodriguez and me, estamos guapos haha;) I decorated the house for the Navidad and we have a little tree, its sweet. All of the presents are under the tree and stuff.
     My area isn’t that poor of an area, it’s actually pretty nice. Well, I think it’s nice… haha! Oh ya I do receive all the dear elder letters  you write too!! I received Ethan’s letter but then I lost it when I was walking home:( I was pretty sad about that.
      I can’t believe it’s another Monday wow! Seriously crazy how fast the time is going.  I guess that is a good thing. So, I’ll probably have 6 months in my first area. Elder Rodriguez has been here 4 months and by the time he leaves he will have 6. So I’ll probably have the same, so that’s pretty crazy! It’s a quarter of my mission! That’s a pretty long time…haha. I love my area and all the families so it’s a good thing:)
     So mom, it sounds like you are pretty stressed out kinda about all the stuff going on…you sound like you have been really busy.  Haha… I remember those days;) well like I always say just remember to ctr and chill then. Umm ... haha, no but for real.
     I’m pretty excited for Navidad! It’s going to be awesome to be able to talk to all you guys through Skype :) I love you all, you guys are all in my prayers always.  Well keep it real famila mucha amor para toda adios.
 love ya:) Elder Lawrence


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  1. I love their pink house! That is so funny! We're so excited to Skype... Nolan and Ezra have been practicing singing "Feliz Navidad."