Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 5, 2012

Hello, Hello, Hello!!!
     Sorry I didn’t send an email on Monday, our p-day was Wednesday this week because we had a big zone meeting about the security for missionaries in Mexico. It was really awesome because I got to see a couple of my old district members… haha those guys are my amigos!
     So this week has been really awesome already!! We have been working really hard and it’s paying off. We are receiving the blessings for our hard work. I know this because on Sunday a member that we reactivated invited a friend to church. We went and talked later to him and set up a time to go talk to him more. Well, we taught him the first lesson and he accepted baptism so now we have another baptism date. It is set for December 31. It’s crazy how the Lord blesses us for our work:)
     Today for p-day we went to the beach… it was way fun!  I’ll try to send you some new photos. I hope it will work…I don’t know if it will because the computer that I’m using is being really slow.  Let’s see another experience we had…. We taught this family and everyone in the family was  a different religion. The lesson was 3 hours or longer!! We ended up teaching every lesson but the law of chastity…haha. It was crazy! So I started saying the closing prayer and when I started praying all of a sudden all of the other people started in on their different prayers…hahaha it was really crazy.
     Everything is still really good here!!! I love working with the members, they are all my amigos. I can’t believe I will have about 4 months in my mission at the end of December.  Wow time flies when you are working hard loving the gospel and having fun:)
    Well, I love you all & miss you all tons especially around the holiday! Oh yeah, I’ll be able to Skype you. I’m pretty sure it’s the 24th of December, so I can’t wait to see ya all adios:) 
       Muchas Amor,
         Elder Lawrence


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  1. So, soooo wonderful to read his letters! He's doing so great! Hopefully we can be there and listen in on some of the Skype session on Christmas Eve.