Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10, 2012

HOLA Familia,
     Wow the weeks go by so fast these days…the weeks really just feel like days haha! It seems like I’m always writing letters, it’s crazy:) Ya so I probably won’t get your package because you accidently mailed it to the address for letters not packages… No big deal, who needs presents on Christmas anyway, it’s all about giving;) haha like the experience me and dad had where we helped the old lady out. That’s what’s it’s about right there:) Hopefully I get the package though, I kinda would like to have something I guess…hahaha;) I don’t go to the office to pick up mail, It’s the Zone leader and his companion so it just depends when they go.
      That’s great Blake doesn’t have to work on Christmas!! You guys should definitely go to the cabin then. The cabin is the best on Christmas!  I’m pretty excited about being able to Skype the whole family, that will be pretty fun.
     So you want to know about the people we are teaching? Well, we teach everyone. Missionaries are always teaching by example so I don’t really know the names of everyone that sees us in Mexico. But Elder Rodriguez and I do have two really good investigators. One of them has a baptism date set for December 30th that I am really excited about. His name is Lao, he has a strong testimony and he pretty much is a Mormon already…he is awesome! He wants to serve a mission and everything. He started attending seminary already. He was so ready for the gospel and he is definitely a blessing from God for us. Then another is a boy who is 11.  He is really excited about the church and really likes it. We are going to try to get a baptism date for him today.
     Here is another experience I had this week... So I got to do another exchange with an Elder.  Elder Johns was my companion again.  He was not feeling good and was feeling pretty sick, so I pretty much took the lead and taught the lessons. Later that night he asked me to give him a blessing. So I gave Elder Johns a blessing.  Hahaha my first blessing was Elder Johns…the Elder that mom reads his blogs and I read before my mission…how funny!
     Yesterday at church was the primary program…so that got me thinking about mom and how much work she puts into those things…haha. It was pretty crazy though, during the primary program one of our investigators passed out and hit floor.  Everyone was like what the?  All the Brothers ran to help her out at once, but the program kept on going… it was pretty crazy. It was just a little different than your program but it was good, maybe even better hahahah Nah jk;)
     Well the weather is still perfect pretty much all the time it seems like… I haven’t felt the humidity yet which is good. This is definitely the mission for me. I feel so blessed:) Love you all. Talk to you next Monday:) Peace and love, peace and love…and a Merry Christmas to all:) or shall I say Navidad haha 
   Elder Lawrence

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