Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

Hello family!!
      That’s so awesome that you guys are going to Vegas for Spring Break. That sounds like it will be really fun… and Blake is going to California… what the heck!! Hahaha that’s way cool. Sounds like the baseball team is off to a good start!! They are probably better then we were last year I guess?? Well let’s hope so...haha!! That’s so tight that everyone on the team has mullets and beards and stuff haha!! Me and my companion played baseball in a cow field with the ninos one time… it was a good time haha.
     So this week we were super busy planning the Hawaiian activity and preparing everything for it!! So the activity was all about the Plan of Salvation.  Elder Rodas and I dressed up as angels haha. It turned out really great I thought. But the attendance wasn’t too good this time to the activity.  I’ll send some pictures of it.
      I’m going to buy a new translator and picture sender and memory card. So I will need money in my bank…thank you.
     Not too many of our investigators came to church this week…But Vanessa came, she is an investigator and we are baptizing her this week!! I’m really happy for her choice. She is a smart girl. She is only 9 years old and her mom was inactive but we activated her so heck ya haha!! Yeah… we’re doing work out here in Valles!! following the Spirit and eating pizza.;) haha.
     I can’t believe Joe barely writes his mom…haha that’s pretty crazy!! I’m sure he is doing really good though. And Casey and Kelsey getting married… wow that is crazy!! Hope everyone is doing really good!!! I love you all so much thanks for everything:)
 Loves yas!
   Elder Lawrence

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  1. Never in all my days have I seen a cooler looking angel! I laughed out loud! His collar is even up! So funny.