Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 5, 2013

     Sorry I didn’t write yesterday. The email of my companion did not work yesterday.  Of course I am doing fabulous as usual haha:)  The work of the Lord is a fabulous thing! Sounds like you guys have been pretty busy there in Hurricane…especially with Blake running for exec council. That’s pretty dang awesome! Good luck to Blake…I bet he makes it! That’s good that Blake made the baseball team also. That’s tight that Ethan is tearin it up in baseball also, sounds like he takes after his older brother haha:)
    So this weekend seemed really fast… we’ve been working really hard and time is flyin by. The investigators that we teach are Yesenia, Gricelda, Maria, Esther, Carolina, Thelma, and Vanesa.  Vanesa is getting baptized on 16th of this month so we are really excited for that!!  We have another missionary activity this week and so we’ve been busy planning for that.  It’s called take a trip to Hawaii. It’s going to be in the church and it’s going to be like a Hawaiian luau or whatever those are called. We’re going to decorate the rooms like you’re in an airplane and taking a trip of life and all the stuff that happens in life. Then in the kingdom of glories it’s going to be really cool and spiritual.
    Of course we have many spiritual experiences with our investigators. Pretty much every time we teach it is a spiritual experience because we have the espiritu santo with us always:) Yeah I take part in the lessons! Can you believe I have 6 months in the mission… wow time flies!! My Spanish is really good no problem there at all…I feel so blessed for that.  I speak it and understand everything so yeah, I guess I’m fluent haha…thanks for the questions:):) I think my Spanish might be almost better than my English now haha:)
    Here is a pretty funny experience for you guys…  So the other night it was really dark when we were walking and walking fast of course.  I guess I didn’t see the lip of the curve and I hit that thing and tripped and fell into the street.  My companion didn’t know what was going on… he was laughing when I got up all fast and stuff…. saying I’m ok estabian estabian ali es no problemo haha stuff like that but it was pretty funny in the moment. Then I looked at the Spanish translator I had bought and it was broken. So I’m going to go try taking it back today.  That watch in the photo looks way nice! haha but it’s a way simple small watch that I bought for cheap haha:)
   Yeah,  we ran out of money really fast in the last change so I had to use the money from my bank account. Oh and another thing that broke when I fell is the thing I use to send photos.  So ya que mal!!  Could you please pretty please send me another with a usb so I could put all my photos on the usb.  My memory for the camera is about full so another memory card also:) Please in the next package. THANK YOU!  I love all of you guys so much!! I wish I could send you photos because I’ve got some really good ones this week!!!
     I’m doing really great and loving Valles.  Some days the sun is really hot and other days it’s way cold. But for some reason my skin is amazing and doesn’t change that much like all the other whites… their skin is now red and I look the whitest even though I’m not that white.  My skin just turns tan really slowly haha so it’s a blessing:) well I’ve got to go.  Love you all and hope everyone is healthy and doing good:) bye love you all.
    Elder Lawrence

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