Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25, 2013

     How is you familia doin? How is everyone?? Seems like you all are keeping pretty dang busy. Well yo tambien…haha!!! We have so much work here in Valles.  It is so good! So this is the last week with my companion probably, unless we have another change but I doubt that will happen. I really can’t believe how fast time is going by. I also can’t believe that Blake did not make it on Exec!!! What is wrong with Hurricane High School? I think that student council thing must be rigged haha.
     So to start with some good news... I found my memory card yeahhhh!!! It was in the bathroom in the house. Actually my companion found it. So I will be able to send you photos.  Yes I did by a new thing to send the photos and a usb to back up the photos:)
     Ethan’s hair looks really cool in the photos you sent… I like it.  So have you checked the weather meter thing for Valles? Wow… I think it was about 120 degrees Fahrenheit the other day. The weather is a lot like it was in Hurricane, it gets really hot and than it will be really cold the next day.
    So this week was Stake Conference in the church, and we had so many investigators and menos activos show up. Elder Rodas and I were sooo happy to see all the progress. We have a lot of new investigators also. We dropped one of the old that we were teaching and started with new. The guys name is Estephen.  He is 19 and he is like gold haha. He contacted us running toward us yelling “Elders bautizar me” hahahaha… but seriously he is so ready and I am really excited to start teaching him.
     We have been having a lot of success in Valles. Realcampastre 2. I really love my area and all the people in my area. They all do so much for us and I feel so blessed to be in such a good area. I’m going to be sad when my companion leaves, if he leaves this change. He has been such a good example and missionary for me.     
     This photo is of the new investigator… yup he is going to be a good missionary!  I know it, I can feel it and we haven’t even taught him yet.  He went to church without even having a lesson. Ya, how awesome is he? haha:)
     No I didn’t have a bad experience in divisions… haha I just don’t really like to do them that much, that is all haha. Thanks for the really long letter haha I like that.  Sorry this letter is not that long. But this week felt so fast I still can’t believe it’s over. Well, I love all of you so much!!! Thanks for your prayers and everything you guys do for me. CTR erry day.
Elder Lawrence

 PS… I wrote Elder Arvig.  Tell his mom that he is doing really good….like tearin it up or somethin in his words haha;) Thanks again.. adios and have good week.  Pray, read the scriptures and go to church:)

 Fire around the whole city because it gets so hot here

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