Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

Hello familia…
     Last week my letter was pretty short I know…haha sorry, it’s because we had transfers that day and a bunch of other stuff going on. But I sent you guys a voice recording... did you not receive it? Because you didn’t say anything about it and I thought you would be pretty excited about that hehe.

     So I am with Elder Montoya for another change. This will actually be his last change in the mission…isn’t that great!! They are really pressuring the work so much now these days. It is so great!!! The Obra de Salvacion is so good. We have such a big list of less actives and investigators to work with now. It’s awesome!! This last week someone from the 70’s came and spoke to us in Victoria.  It was really great to get to listen to Elder Mendoza.

    We have a baptism date with a little boy that we reactivated in the church…him and his mom.  His name is Eric. He is awesome!!  I don’t know why but I really like to teach and work with kids. I guess they just remind me a lot of Ethan and Kamrie. Not so much Blake haha he is a little older.   We also have another baptism date for the week after the 9th with a man named Guimero. They are both golden investigators and both will be baptized…no questions. So we are super pumped about that! I really enjoy teaching these guys. They both have such a great spirit every time we teach them and a drive to learn more about the gospel to get closer to Christ. I love it!!!

     Tonight we are actually going to Tampico. My companion has an appointment with the doctor at 10 in the morning there. His hands have been sweating a lot and are peeling and are pretty bad. So we talked to Sister Jordan and we got it all set up to go to Tampico. So that will be a nice a little break haha not really. I think we will be sleeping in the house of the secretaries. Maybe we might get to buy pizza or something. That would be cool.

     So that’s cool that Nadia is going to Lima Peru. That is where my companion is from!  I can’t believe how soon Blake will be receiving his call too. That’s crazy!  I’m super pumped for him!

      This last week was good at church, we had a good turnout again. Victoria is super awesome! The weather has been pretty good here. We had one day of some freezing cold but not to bad.  Our thing that heats the water broke so we have been bathing in cold water. That is not fun, I tell you that much.

      Well I can’t believe another week has come and gone. Time is fast. I love you all so much…be safe, pray and read the scriptures and ctr… Love you all!!!!
     Elder Lawrence

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