Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

Hey everyone,
    The goals are going good!!!  We had 3 baptisms two days ago. It was so beautiful!! The spirit was super strong. We have two other baptism dates in February also!! So we are pretty pumped here. This is the last cambio for my companion. So that’s cool that I get the chance to be his last companion. We’ve pretty much been tearin it up here…doing some really good work. I love it here!!! We had 16 less actives in church this last Sunday and a record number for people at sacrament meeting…50 or so people. So everything is progressing pretty good!  We are staying humble because we know that all that is happening is the hand of the Lord and that’s a testimony builder for me. Oh and also at our activity this last week we had a super good turnout!! We talked about families and gave some really good messages about that. Then we ate some cake. It was some good cake!!!
     Hope you all have a good week. It’s going to be a fast one. Love you all soo much!
       Elder Lawrence

 The Baptism of Milton, Mariana, & Oscar

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  1. I love how he throws in an artistic photo every so often. What a great letter... as always!