Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

     Thanks for your email…So sounds like another very good week for you guys…for me as well!!!  Yesterday we had two more baptisms. It’s so amazing to see the change when they have made the choice to change their lives and repent and keep the covenants that are necessary.  It was super good and the church was full for these baptisms…it was so Awesome!! That never happens…a church full of less active members.

     Our area plan is super awesome here!!! The Rama in Bicentenario has a great area plan. Our mission leader sets up all of the meetings for us during the week so that we have members with us in all of the lessons. The work is so smooth here for us, it is really nice. The Rama does all of our planning mostly and we go and visit everyone that is programed for us to visit. They give us references every meeting. We have activities that are planned just for the less actives and investigators and the members are always there helping and becoming friends with who we visit. For this reason we have seen some major progress here in Bicentenario. The members are all doing their Visiting Teaching now and we even have less actives that are doing Visiting Teaching also. All the less actives are starting to receive calls in the church so they feel that they actually have a reason to be here in church. Our job is to visit and teach everyone they give us and try to talk to everyone that we see.  I love this Rama so much…it’s great! This is the true church and work of the Lord and we are the representives of him. There is nothing better!!!!

      I’m going to get my hair cut today. We have interviews with the President this next week.  Seems like we just had those, should be good. I still haven’t received your package. I hope it gets here soon. I’m hungry for some candy haha. Well I love you all so much. Thanks for all…have a great week!!!
   Elder Lawrence

 Eric & Cruz Ramierez & Guillermo Ramierez
They are not family...two separate families

 Guillermo Ramierez

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