Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014

Hello my loves:)
     Another week…it’s a little weird to think that in like 5 days my companion is going to be in his house back in Peru. It’s so crazy how fast the time goes in the mission.  Like when I was in my first area I remember seeing Elder Montoya with his companion and a couple other missionaries.  We yelled at them and they came over and played basketball with us. Little did I know that he would be my companion someday and now he is just about finished.

      Well everything is going super duper dandy!  I got the chance to talk in church yesterday. We were sitting there all calm and stuff when they told me that the other person who was supposed to speak didn’t show up. They asked me if I had something ready and I told them I am always ready. Obviously I didn’t have anything. So I went and grabbed a Liahona and the first page that I turned to is what I talked on. It was good because it went perfectly with the other talks. So that was pretty cool haha.

    Today in the morning we played dodge ball and soccer with the other zone here in Victoria... it was fun.  We are going to have a little party tonight. A member is having his birthday tonight and also we will be having goodbyes for Elder Montoya. We are planning on cooking a bunch of meat like carne asada and just eating. Then we as missionaries are going to do a little family night with this family. It’s the family Munoz who is in the photo I sent the other week where we were at their housing eating meat hahahaha. We love this family, they are the best! They also have a kid in the mission and so it makes them feel good to see us haha. We helped this same family last week also. We changed into our service clothes and we moved around their whole house.  Yeah, they moved and we moved everything for them in one day.  It was pretty tiring but I felt so good after and stronger. I love service the best. Service is the best type of work for me.

     So next week I will tell you if I’m staying here in Victoria or leaving. I hope I stay because I sure do love it here!!!

     Well, I love you all so much!  Have an excellent week, take care and keep the spirit strong! CTR all day every day…love you.

      Elder Lawrence

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