Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014

Hola familia…
     How is everyone doing? I hope super duper great!!!!  This week was pretty good. It seemed to go by super fast. We had some activities in the church. We had a night of talents and there were a lot of new investigators there. It was great to see and feel the spirit of everyone there. This last week our investigators that were progressing didn’t go to church, so that was sad. Elder Antuna and I are trying to find new investigators that will have the chance to progress in the gospel and this last week one came to church. She was invited by another member who is her friend. So we are going to start teaching her. I am pretty excited about that. The work is going good.

      It was super great to talk with the family this week. I loved every minute of it. I was so glad to see that everyone is happy that is what is way important. It is like a dream when I talk to you guys and then we stop skyping and the dream ends. Haha that is kinda sad…but it’s all good because 3 short months and I’ll be home.  I can’t believe that!!! I’m still super pumped about the work that I have here for the Lord and I’m not going to lose my focus.

     Yes, I know Elder Guzman! He was in Victoria when I was there. But he was in the other zone. That’s cool that Jeremy knows him in Peru haha.

      This week we are going to have interviews with the President so that should be good.  So do you know what airport I will be flying into?  Who is the Stake President? Well it was super good to talk to you this last week. Love you all so much. The church is true! 

Elder Lawrence

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