Thursday, September 13, 2012

First P-day!!!

Hola, mi madre.
     Today is our first p-day and my first time being able to write a letter so we will see how this goes. I cant believe i made past that first week;) haha jk it really wasnt even that bad at all. Just getting past that very long first day. My district is so awesome and my companion is way chill. i really think we might have the best district here. Im learning spanish so quickly it's freaking crazy. The Holy Ghost is definitely doin some work on me haha. Soo you will never believe who my zone leader is.. yep you probably guessed it. hahaha Boston Gubler, isnt that insane, everywhere i turn i see people from hurricane i love it haha. Im actually having a pretty dang good time out here in the ol MTC it is not bad at all. i think that i have matured more in a week here, than i have in my whole life haha;) a member of the 70 talked to us on tuesday, Brother Carson or somethin ha but it was a really great talk, well for the part that i was awake for anyway.. jk. We have alot of class time where we just sit in the class, that seems like all we do. For our personal studys and our language study our district usually ends up talking though haha at least for the first week anyway, its pretty funny:) well i love you alot, and just know that there is no need to worry because i am having a great time. Im glad i brought that blanket from home, its like sleeping at home i sleep just like a baby its so nice. So Everything is so good so far.

     One thing i have noticed though is I'm finally going through puberty, and my acne is breaking out. so if you could send me some stuff for that, that would be awesome:) thanks.. oh and teeth whitener stuff. Porkrines or whatever there called haha. maybe some candy. and maybe those dr shouls feet soul inserts for my shoes. hahaha well thats about it. thanks for all the support. Tell the family that i love them. i have recieved all your mail. i love recieveing the letters its great. we can recieve those everday. Tell Ethan hi and to keep his pimp hands strong. nah what i mean:) ill write seperate letters sometimes. but my time is limited.. Adios. el fin haha:)

I just thought i would send some pics. Tell everyone i said hi, and am doing good and love them.:) oh could you please send my face stuff, like the coloring awesome!!! sorry i dont get much time to e-mail. im going to try to send seperate letters to everyone:) Adios
 My Companion...Elder Gneiting

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  1. What a relief to hear that he's doing SO well! That was a great idea to bring his blankie... I mean his blanket! Ha ha! No really, that is smart, though. He looks so great! It's going to be so wonderful to read all of his letters this way. I'm so thankful for the internet. And I'm sure he'll love everyone knowing that he needs acne medicine. I had a good chuckle reading that!