Thursday, September 20, 2012

Week 2 at the MTC

Whats up Whats up Whats up!! 
     What be happening at the Lawrence hood?? haha probably nothin cool because im not there, but what can ya do haha jk;) Time is really flyin here at the mtc its awesome! soo i dont think i got the cookies you said that you sent:( thats the bad news, now want to hear the good, actually i got kinda sick this last week. Sore throat, runny nose. it really wasnt that bad tho at all. I was still able to get up and do everything. Every time i get on to email on thursdays, it seems i forget all the questions that you asked me hahaha. Lets see, The food here is pretty good if you like to have gas;) haha jk but for real. i havent lost any weight, but i havent gained any weight either.
      On Tuesday our district had a way spiritual testimony meeting the spirit was way strong and we all really bonded. Im pretty sure that our district is the closest district in the mtc haha. I saw Justin Post and i have talked to him quite a bit. I figured that would happen to Austin, i totally saw that coming haha. Hahaha thats funny about Seth, you should have bought his kitchen knives haha jk. Tell dad thanks for getting my stock all set up, thats sick wit it, ill be rollin in the cash flow now. jk haha. 
     Me and my compainion get along way good!! we havent even argued or anything at all, actually nobody in our district has that's how cool we are haha. You guys are always in my prayers, so im pretty sure you're all recieving blessings. Especially Blake because he gets to go to that concert thing haha;) Tell grandma Ligtermoet and grandpa i said hi. i dont really have time to email them. ill probably send some letters out this week though. They keep us really busy here at the mtc. We are always doing something every hour of the day. ive been playing alot of basketball during gym, Boston is usually on my team so it is just like the good ol days haha!! isnt that funny. yeah you guys can all send me dear elder letters, those are tight. its hard to reply to every letter though but i appreciate the letters haha:) OH yeah im starting to become alot more serious when teaching. im so used to being the funny guy and sarcastic haha. but ive gotten used to using the spirit to teach and being serious so that is good:) well time is up. i love all of you guys. C.T.R Erryday:) Adios

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