Thursday, September 27, 2012

Week 3 at the MTC

HOLA! sup familia...
   I am going to start this email off today by answering your questions:) 1. Si, i write in my journal, not every day because that would be a really boring journal, but enough where i get the good experiences down. And the bad experiences, even though i haven’t had any yet:) 2. Me and my companion had to buy our own soap, we just share the soap and wash the colors together and do the whites separate. i have not had to wash my pants yet, today is actually the first day I’m washing my white shirts hahah:) 3. ummm no i have not recieved a buzz yet, and i do not plan on receiving one until the end of my stay here at the mtc haha. 4. A typical day here at the mtc huh?? Well we usually wake up at about 6 every morning.. we then proceed by NOT showering and go to gym, depending on the day. On Wednesday we have service at 6.30. but at gym when we have it early which is a lot. i go to the top floor where people stretch on the mats and do yoga stuff, and i do a little bit off deep meditation. Almost in a sleep type of form.  i play basketball, i play alot of basketball which is really fun, everyone in our district likes to ball…haha. Next we go back shower, than we go to breakfast. After breakfast we go to class and we do personal study companion study all that good stuff until lunch. After that is language class, we have two teachers that are really cool and good teachers. After language study we have dinner. Than additional language study, then we study the language in the computer lab until around nine. Then we do like companion inventory or something and head back to the dorms and chill there until 10.30 and go to sleep. Thats about it i think hahaha:) 5. My espanol is coming along i guess, it is really hard though, i just need to remember to have faith. Faith is really important out here and being obedient. Yeah i can say a prayer in Spanish, that was the way easy part haha. We started teaching fake investigators in the first week ha. Yes i go to the temple every p day. Today we did initiatories, we eat the breakfast there on p day which is really good. I didn’t go last week though because i didnt want to get the temple workers sick.7. hmmm you could send some more treats, i cant really think of anything else oh wait maybe some ties?? i really dont have that many but that’s it. What the heck, haha i didnt know Blake was going out with Lauren.. well that is cool.
  Alright well I've got to go now. I love you all, and am praying for everyone in the family, tell them i said hello. ADIOS. Elder Lawrence


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  1. Wow, I never knew Bryson was the meditating type of guy! What a great letter. It's fun to hear about his schedule.