Sunday, September 9, 2012

1st Letter from Elder Lawrence...

Hola! La Familia...
     All I have to say is wow!  Today was pretty dang intense.  I guess you probably heard that I totally puked when I first got here.  Turns out I must have ate some bad chinese food.  No haha, it was really hard saying goodbye to you guys.  But I know I'm doing the right thing.  I just need to have a lot of faith & pray often.  I love all of you guys so much, it was hard for me to spit that out back at the airport with all the built up emotions and what not.  Well anyway today was crazy and the longest day of my life. I love you & promise I will stay strong.  I still can't believe this is happening.
      CTR...Love, Elder Lawrence
PS...The next letters should come through emails I believe, on my P-day.

Day 2...Today was much better I must say.  The day still seemed long. But I think I'm starting to get into the flow of things.  Tell Ethan...I miss playing baseball with him...haha.  My companion is awesome!  Guess who it is?  Elder Gneiting...yep the guy Austin knew.  So that is really cool.  We get so much thrown at us to do it is crazy.  but it's all good because the spirit is really strong here and you can pretty much use him for everything.  I love you all.  Thanks for the letters.  I'll send pictures when I'm more in the swing of things, and know how to.
    Love, Elder Lawrence

(About Bryson's companion...when Bryson went to EFY a few years ago he had a roommate named Austin. Well, they have stayed in touch pretty good since EFY.  The day before Bryson left for the MTC Austin called him and told him that he had a friend named Carson Gneiting that was leaving for his mission the next day too and that he was also going to Tampico Mexico.  It's so exciting that he ended up Bryson's companion!!!)

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  1. Go Bryson! What a relief to hear that he's doing well. It's good that they are SO busy... I'm sure it helps keep their mind off of home a little bit. I just wish I could give him a big hug! I'm sure you know the feeling, Keeley.