Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012

Buenas noches family!!! Hello!!
     Wow I can’t believe how fast the weeks go! It feels like I just got done writing you guys…haha. I love all the emails I receive, they are all really good. It makes for something good to look forward to. So it’s starting to feel weird when I talk in English now. Like when we are with the other elders from America. I’m so used to talking in Spanish all day everyday. So my Spanish is actually pretty dang good! For some reason it just like comes naturally for me and the words just stick to my brain. I’m able to pretty much say everything that I want. Some things I have to try explaining to my companion but for the most part its way good. My companion said my Spanish is already better than his last companion he had who had like 7 months in Mexico. It is definitely the gift of tongues! Every one of your prayers are being answered for me and mine also:)
     So last week was Thanksgiving? Yeah we don’t celebrate that here so I didn’t really miss that at all, no big deal though. We eat so much food here, it’s like having Thanksgiving everyday… haha seriously… I love love love the food here, it’s the best!! I really haven’t had one bad meal yet! I haven’t had to use any of the charcoal pills or anything! I haven’t gotten sick either, which is a really good thing.  I don’t plan on getting sick though…haha. I even brush my teeth with the tap water, I think it actually makes my teeth whiter;)
    So today for P-day we got to play sports, so we played basketball. Everyone was really excited about this because sports haven’t been allowed in the mission. And now they are allowing sports so that is really awesome. I received your package you sent, I haven’t opened it yet so I’m pretty stoked about that haha.
     We have four investigators and none of them are really progressing right now which is pretty lame. But I’m sure the Lord has a plan and it will all work out. Hopefully they go to church or something….that would probably be the best thing for them!  I taught a lesson to some menos activos the other day, about prayer. The spirit was really strong during the lesson. We’ve been working a lot with the members. We pretty much know every member really good. Gaining the confidence in the members is important and that’s what we have been doing. The most important thing is to always have love for the people. We sing hymns at the house, pray, share message and just talk…. It’s really great and the spirit is always present. Confidence with the members is important so they will help us with less actives and give us new people to teach and such. I love working with the members. Almost every members house we go to they give us something to eat. Even though they don’t have much they always give us something… it’s great!  I’m probably getting pretty fat… haha I should probably workout a little bit haha maybe I’ll make that a goal;) Having goals is really important also, that’s where you will find success and be able to progress fast, by setting goals.
     I’m glad everyone is doing really good, except for Kamrie hopefully you get feeling better. Sounds like grandma had a great time in Texas too! Oh and that’s awesome Kenzee is having another baby! That will be cool if I get to share my birthday with the new baby haha! So many people have their mission calls… its so great!  I’m way excited for all these brothas! There is a member in our ward that is from Ghana Africa. He is way cool he speaks like 5 languages. We like to go to his house and he tells us experiences from his mission, it’s awesome!! I’ll send a picture of us.
     Le gusta mi iguana alpha?? El is muy rapido y loco jajaja y recredar mi de hogar con mi mayor iguana jaja. Maybe sometime I will write a whole email in Spanish, that could be fun! Well everything is really really good here. I always have a prayer for the whole family in mi corazon. I love you guys so much and miss you all, but it’s time to get back to work. I’m on the Lords time ya know. Oh yeah, everyone is getting ready for Navidad here so that’s cool…something exciting alright! Well, talk to you next week, love you all so much!!!
Muchas Amar,
  Elder Lawrence:) all day erry day (CTR)

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