Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18, 2013

     Wow sounds like you all have been pretty dang busy... especially Blake with the girls:) hahaha Does that kid have a beard or what? Because that might be the key.. jk haha.
     Well it was another really fast week for me. I really can’t believe how fast time is going by these days… it’s pretty dang crazy. We stay so busy in the barrio, there is so much work here. We are always teaching and Elder Rodas is really great. He loves to have the best numbers, so we pretty much be tearin it up right now.  Which means doing a lot of work haha:)
     Another Elder from my MTC zone moved into Valles today. His name is Elder Jones. So I’m with my whole zone from the mtc. I really find that kinda strange but it’s so cool.  
     There’s an Elder named Elder Marecos.  He from Paraguay and he is so cool! He is my best friend right now in the mission. Ya, he wants to be my roommate when we get home from the mission. haha so that’s cool.
   Dang, there are so many people from home out on missions right now…that is really great. The mission really changes us dudes for the better. I’m really glad I made the choice to serve a mission. I look a lot happier now in all of my photos than before the mission. It’s like I got the spirit of Dios with me or something.. Oh wait yeah that’s right, ha I always have the Holy Ghost with me. I’m so grateful for the Holy Ghost and the strength and blessings and guide I get to receive everyday!!
     So this week Elder de Hoyos and Elder Martinez, and President Jordan came and talked to all the missionaries.  It was a really awesome experience and pretty spiritual.  I got to take some really good notes. I’m not going to lie though…. I almost fell asleep.  I couldn’t believe how tired I got hahahahaha. But it was really good and learned a lot from these members of the 70.
      So this week none of our investigators with baptism dates attended church so we were pretty upset about that…mainly because we put in a lot of time and work with them. We have 4 baptism dates for the future. One we will be able to baptize pretty soon. Her name is Vanessa she is a really smart girl like 11 years old. She is ready for baptism.
     Oh yeah, we worked out today!!! My companion wanted to go to the gym and so we went and worked out. He is pretty ripped. But I am more beautiful:) My companion played semi-professional soccer so he has a lot of energy and walks super fast. So I can walk super fast now…like faster than mom walks so that’s pretty cool:)
    This day is the day for cambios (changes) so I have another cambio with my companion. The cambio now is a normal one though, back to 6 weeks. We had a short 3 week this last cambio because a lot of missionaries came to the mission this week because they finally got their visas.
     So I love my area so much, Valles is so awesome!!! The people in every area have some much love for me and they all treat me like I’m their grand child… I love it!  They ask me what’s my favorite food and they make it haha.:) I’ve eaten so much pizza since  I have been in Valles so that is really good haha:) My companion is pretty serious but he isn’t as bad as he looks in the photos… haha he isn’t good at photos:)
    Well, I love you guys so much!!! My time is about up…I hope everything is going good. Send some pics of baseball. I haven’t got your package yet… But I will I hope.
    Love you all so much and miss and pray for you guys always! Goodbye, love you!
  mucho amor:) 
Elder Lawrence

His name is Memo.. He is a menos activo:)

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