Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 5, 2013

What’s up:)
     Dang, where to start?  I seriously don’t know where to start because so much has happened. Hmm… oh yeah, I forgot my camera at the house so you’re all going to have to wait for photos one more week. I didn’t write yesterday because it was a super super busy p-day and we didn't have time. I got my hair cut and I feel so fresh and so clean clean now haha.
     So my district is everyone that was in my district from the MTC.  Isn’t that crazy weird awesome!!!  But for real, I feel like President Jordan has some type of plan because this zone is so young we’re all from the same generation. Everyone in the zone is super cool too! My companion is good. He gets really stressed sometimes and I think that’s where I come in. Dios (God) has a plan for everyone and I feel like my companion is a little less stressed with me. I can’t believe how fast this guy walks! I think it’s more of a run than a walk but its total bien me da igual.  I like to walk now haha.  
     So I think I’ve finally got a little bit more color in my skin. The sun is a little stronger than in Madero I think. They call Valles the ante enferno haha! It gets really hot here I guess. Right now for me it is so so perfect. I’m loving the weather!!!!  Valles is freaking sweet. It’s way beautiful and there are a lot of landmark places that we can visit. But that’s not the important thing…the people in Valles are!!!  Wow… in seriousness, this place has a special feeling about it. The people here truly love and live the gospel and you can feel the spirit strong. They love to feed the missionaries always too which is really good haha:)
    So in this week I have really learned a lot.  My new companion is always teaching me something. But to be honest I feel like he is learning so much from me too…haha. So I guess my Spanish needed improvement with the accent and some pronunciations.  Elder Rodriguez didn’t tell me. But I fixed that this week. It’s great how much we get to learn. I’m really trying to memorize the names in this area, that was one thing I didn’t do so hot in my other haha.  I didn’t even have time to think about my other area this week. I thought I would miss it a lot more…but this area has already grown on me.  I truly can say that I love here.  I do think my house might be haunted though haha jk;) My companion is just scared of everything and wakes up in the night screaming sometimes. But I feel so blessed and I’m thankful to be out in the mission and especially in a place as special as Valles. Oh my Companion says hello and Elder Rodriguez said hello too. I love you all so much and thanks for your prayers. 

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