Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25, 2013

Hola hola hola!!!

      Wow…another week has come and gone.  How fast the time flies when you’re serving the Lord:) It sounds like a lot of family have been visiting you guys lately. That’s really good because family is the most important thing in God’s plan!  That’s really great that Ethan got his Arrow of Light award and grandma and grandpa could be there to see him get it!!!!
      So I received 2 packages from you this week and all your letters that you sent!!! I was really happy about that! Except for the fact that I was so happy I couldn’t stop eating the candy haha and now I’m kinda breakin out in the face…oh well.
      Life in Valles is super super hot... and then it’s kinda cold. The weather is pretty crazy right now. But it’s super great and I’m loving it.  I feel pretty dang healthy here so that is a good thing. Yeah, I’ve sent a picture of our house already haha… It’s the one with the chain link fence in front of it.
     So only one of our investigators didn’t show to church this week and so we had a pretty packed church. Especially because we worked a lot with the menos activos and so many showed up this Sunday. We had 18 lessons with a member present this week!  My companion gets pretty stressed about everything so it’s good that I’m his companion because I’m so chill and tranquillo-calm.  I try to keep this man calm.  He is a really good companion. He is always cleaning the house and making me eggs and cleaning my shoes and clothes. He loves to always be doing something, it’s pretty crazy haha.  Yeah we are keeping so dang busy my legs are probably so dang strong now because I walk so freakin fast with Elder Rodas. I could probably kick a hole in a wall way easy with these bad boys…haha.
    Hace es mi amigos :) I love you all so much!  Mucho mucho amor yo tengo por ustedes goodbye:) ctr

Elder Lawrence                         

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