Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1, 2013

Hola hola,
     I really didn’t even know that it was Easter Sunday yesterday.  I forgot… haha that is pretty crazy. Well, I got your package that you sent me! Thank you for all the candy and the letters:) Ethan’s hair is getting pretty dang long… haha it looks good!! Well sounds like you guys have been playing a lot of baseball so that’s way good!!
     So I can’t believe another week just went by… wow time is just flyin by these days!! So we have another baptismal date… her name is Telmah. She works at the shirt store where we were teaching Vanessa. She listened in on our lessons with Vanessa.  We started teaching her, and now she has a baptismal date in 2 weeks. So that is some pretty great news!!! The area is progressing of Real Campastre 2.  Real Campastre 2 is the name of my area by the way…just so ya know haha! We have so many new investigators. It’s the work of the Lord!!  Because some of our other investigators were not progressing Elder Rodas and I had to drop them. So we were pretty discouraged about that. But the next day we got like 3 or more new investigators that are really ready to live the gospel.
      So I get my new companion tonight and I guess he is Americano… his name is Elder Martinez and he looks Mexican so that is good… more security right;) haha.  I will miss Elder Rodas and his energy… that dude really knew how to work!! So did you know my papa in the mission Elder Rodriguez was a Zone Leader after me... yeah, he was awesome too!! I have been so blessed with my companions and I hope or have faith that I will keep getting blessed:)
     So it was pretty sad for all of the families to say goodbye to Elder Rodas.
He really touched the hearts of many people in Real Campastre 2. All the Elders are pretty excited for General Conference. I think because we get to sit in front of a tv all day haha,;) Well I’ve got to go right now to pick my companion up. I will write again later tonight. Love you all!!!   

Elder Lawrence

(A little later on that night…)
    So I have my new companion now.  He seems like he is a really happy guy. I’m pretty sure I have been blessed again haha.  He is from my generation, so we have the same time in the mission.  That’s pretty awesome huh?? haha I will send you a picture in the next letter of us ok.  I’m really excited for this change… we should have a lot of success… I hope:) I have fe haha!!!
Love you all so much, bye
 Goodbye my friend 

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