Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20, 2013

  So I’m doing pretty good!  Where to start? With the good or the bad news? Well you know with me and it’s always good news so I guess I will start with that haha. So this last week Elder Martinez went to Tampico because he is a District Leader. He went there for a meeting with all of the leaders. So all the Elders in the other areas came to my area for the divisions. It was Elder Peña and Elder Tsosie.  Elder Peña is from the Dominican Republic and Elder Tsosie is from Arizona straight off the Indian reservation. It was really great to get to spend the day with these Elders…they are awesome. Elder Peña actually speaks english too… really good English… so that was cool to be able to talk to him in english. The next day our companions got home really late, so Elder Reily and Elder Peña stayed the night at our house again. Elder Reily is the really huge guy from Nevada and he is 25 years old.  It was cool to have those guys over.
     I guess the bad new is that none of the menos activos showed up to church again, but that’s going to change this week all of them are going to show up! We gave a blessing the other night to a lady whose arm pretty much doesn’t work and it just hurts her.  I have faith that her arm will feel better and she will be able to use it. I know that she has faith too!  Her name is Hermana Flor Hernandez. So this week was pretty dang good:)
     I also got your package with the candy. I already ate it all haha thank you:) So something I was thinking about that you could send for my Birthday is a bag of jerky… that’s been sounding pretty good, oh and pork rinds or whatever those chip things are called.
     Well, I love you all so much!!! It’s really good to hear from you guys and it’s good to hear that Ethan’s taking after his big brother in baseball haha. Well, love you all:)  
    Elder Lawrence

 Divisions...Elder Pina and Elder Tsosie

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