Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013

Hey There everyone!!!
     What’s up? Dang, I can’t believe school is already out. That year of school really went by way fast, that’s crazy!!! And you guys are going to Lake Powell this Tuesday, that’s awesome! That trip sounds like it will be so fun.  Ethan has had so much baseball…that’s really good for him because he loves it. So I heard that he batted left handed and got a hit, heck yeah! That’s pretty dang sweet! Ethan’s probably better than me at baseball now haha.
     So if I’m not mistaken I believe your Birthday is tomorrow mom, Right?? Wow that’s so awesome Happy Birthday mom! I love you so much, and am so grateful for everything that you have done and do for me!!! So how old are you now like 35 or something
ike that right haha??  Well it’s about time that you get released from the primary that job was always really stressful for you. But wow that’s crazy because you have so many years with the primary. That will be cool to get a new calling though.

     Elder Martinez and I are doing good. We have been working so hard in our area even though there isn’t much success. But it’s alright as long as we know that we are doing our part and doing all we can for the menos activos and investigators.  It’s sad though when they don’t show up to church on Sunday. But what do ya do? We pray for them and keep on visiting them hehe:) pressure baby pressure haha!
    So yeah Elder Griggs is in my area he is in realcampastre 1... You read his blog too haha that’s funny. I’ve known him since the first day in my mission he was a secretary.
     So we haven’t had money here forever and I really don’t know what we’ve bought?? It’s been horrible because we haven’t eaten breakfast or dinner in forever.  All I want is a drink of milk you know. Well hopefully our money comes tomorrow so we can live again haha.
    This last week we really tried to focus in on those families who we had faith would progress and go to church and we read the scriptures with them about everyday.  The family Torres and family Beltran and they both didn’t go to church, they even said they would...haha like always. I’ve just got to keep having faith and confidence. That’s the key, right:)
    We walk a lot out here in Realcampastre and the sun is pretty dang hot, it’s really important to drink a lot of water.  That’s probably something I definitely can improve in.  I’m going to drink more water.
     So interviews with the president are this week.  He comes here on Wednesdaythat should be a good time. Today we played dodge ball with all the missionaries.  I pegged a bunch of the Elders in the face haha… it was pretty dang fun!!!
     Well I hope everybody is doing really good and has a great vacation.  I love all of you soooo much. Happy Birthday again. I love you mom. And I’ll talk to you all next week. Even though it feels like one day haha. Alright take care adios. 

Love Elder Lawrence

 Hermano Somora

Family Hernandez...Hermana Reana y Hermano

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