Monday, May 6, 2013

May 6, 2013

Hello hello...
     Wow wow wow, time really is just flying by so fast, I really can’t believe another week has just come and gone like that.  I didn’t even know or realize that there was a holiday for Cinco de Mayo. I was just thinking everybody was partying because I had 8 months in the mission on that day hahha jk. 
      Yeah, that is a major bummer with the Hurricane Baseball program. I’m pretty glad that I don’t have to worry about that anymore. That’s so awesome that Ethan’s team is undefeated they are really tearing it up… that makes me happy!  Yeah those grades seem to always be a problem… you guys really stress a lot over that hahah but its all good:)
      So I’m really excited to be able to Skype with you this week!! So it will be on Saturday around 6pm… I hope that works out for you. I will need to find a cyber that has a camera and all that good stuff haha. My Skype name is   (Littlebdwg2) I have your Skype name so I will call you. But be ready at 6 to answer, I can’t wait!
      So for me and Elder Martinez, things are going really really good!! We get along so great, he is pretty much my brother! We really have a lot of fun and we work really good together. It’s a little disappointing when we are out in the hot sun all day working our butts off and than none of the people that were working with show up to church. But everyone has a time and maybe it just isn’t their time…who knows, only Dios verdad.
     We contacted a new reference that we got and so we now have a new investigator that we are going to start teaching so we’re excited about that. Want to hear a story? Ok ok…. So with this new investigator when we went and contacted her we took a really old sister or hermana with us because we have to have a member present with every investigator that we teach. We took a taxi because she can’t really walk that good, she has a cane and everything. But she has so much faith and a really strong testimony. So we had a lesson with this new investigator and when we were about to leave. I heard the loudest thing ever!!! Yeah... The hermana who we took… hermana Reana farted tooted poofed peddo…. Whatever you call it hahaha and no one said a word!!  Because the spirit was so strong;) but it was pretty funny.  
      So for P-day today we went to a place called Micos, I’ll send you some photos from there… it was fun.
      So at the end of this week is changes… wow I cant believe that!  It seems like I just barely got with my companion.  I hope I don’t get changed. I really love my area and my companion and all the people who we teach. I’ll send you guys pictures of everyone that we teach. I need to take pictures with them.
    Hmm that’s a good question I don’t know what I want for my birthday…I’ll have to think about that one.
     Yeah so we got are house changed… we moved and we’re all settled in now. I like it so much better. It’s a lot nicer and it’s actually pretty big. It’s all yellow and black… so it’s like a bee but it’s pretty cool.  My face is starting to turn black so I’m going to start putting on sunscreen. Dang the sun is strong here.
     Well, I love you guys so much, and am so thankful for everything that you have done for me and do for me love you all so much:) ADIOS
 Elder Lawrence

Elder Krambule

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