Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013

Hola Familia,
     So how has everyone’s summer gone so far?? Sounds like everybody is keeping pretty dang busy. So do you guys have a lot planned for the summer or do you just plan on chillen a lot more?? Sounds like Kamrie had a pretty good week at EFY. That’s really good for her:) and Ethan made all-stars… that’s awesome haha congrats to Little E... and sounds like Blake just works and than gets dumped by girls all day haha nah jk:) I’m just glad to hear that the family is doing so good…what a great blessing.
      I can’t believe how fast the weeks go by here in Mexico. It’s so crazy…I guess time flies when you’re doing the Lords work:) I think one thing for me that has made these weeks seem like days is to just always keep a positive attitude. Just try to have the best attitude about everything and the days seem like minutes…. or weeks seem like days.
   We have been keeping so busy! We have so many menos activos that live in our area.  We teach about 4 lessons a day to all of the menos activos in our area. We also have to walk a lot. So I’ve been getting my tan on hahahah! The Lord really is with us during this work, because I don’t know how I’m still alive in this heat hahaha jk but its true;)
     Well anyway, this week none of are menos activos came to church.  Too bad for them, they are really missing out. No but really we can only do so much.  It is their choice and testimony that is what is going to get them to go to church. I love every one of them, so it’s sad when none of them show up.
     I went on divisions with Elder Griggs this last week.  He has a lot of time in the mission so it was nice to teach and learn from him.  I hope I make his blog hahahaha!
     Well, I hope you all have a good week!  I love everyone so much. Oh yeah, last night we had a pretty awesome lighting storm here… it was pretty intense & really cool.
     So love you all and hope you all are doing really well.  This summer is going to go by super fast so enjoy every minute of it. This is Blake’s last summer at the house right?? Wow sooo crazy!!!
Love you all so much and thanks for everything always:)
   Elder Lawrence

                Just part of my area:) good thing nobody lives in these houses hahaha.

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