Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013

Hey hey...
     So this is actually my last p-day here in Valles. Can you believe that? Wow how fast time flies!!! I will have 5 months here in one more week.  Pretty crazy right?? Sounds like you guys had a really awesome time in Richfield. I’m sure it was really nice to get a way for a little bit and enjoy some summer baseball.
     So I just want to start this letter by saying Happy Father’s Day to dad. I am so thankful everyday for your example.  You’re the reason I try to become a better person everyday. I love you so much. Thanks for always being there for me and showing me what hard work is and what it can get you. I love you so much!!!
    Oh and to answer your question we actually work with our Ward Mission Leader. We meet with him twice a week…on Sundays and on Thursdays. His name is Hmo. Joel Briseno. He is such a great guy and support to us Elders. He is always helping us and coming with us to visit our menos activos. (less active membors).
   This week only one menos activo showed up to church.... I can’t even believe that. O wait yes I can! They say that they will go and then they end up having another excuse every week. But it’s alright because they will return…every single one of them.  I know they will, I feel it. Maybe not in the time that I’m here in Valles and that’s alright because God has a plan prepared for everyone one of them. I have really come to love everyone that I teach. They all have a special spot in my heart and I am really going to miss them all soo much.  Especially the family Torres... they have become my family here in Valles. I love playing hockey with them in the street and then sitting down to read the Book of Mormon with all them right after…then we finish up with some quesadillas. They are a family that we have really focused a lot of attention on. I have seen so much progress with this family, even if right now they aren’t going to church. God really has some big plans for them. They have so much love and potential. I can’t wait to view it when they go through the temple…because I know they will.  Later on down the road in my journey through life:)
     Maybe you should stop reading all the missionary blogs because I wouldn’t really want you comparing me to the other missionaries;))) hahahah jk jk.  One thing that I have learned, is that every missionary [elder] is different and has a different way of teaching. I love this church, God and Jesus Christ. I know that this is true and by following the example of Jesus Christ I will become the type of missionary he was. One who teaches with and has love for everyone and everything.  I know that I have touched the hearts of many people in Valles... and these lives will change. It’s a process… a process that God knows and is in charge of.
     One experience that I had this week…. My companion and I were talking the other night about the church. The next day a man came up to us…he was pretty sketchy [weird] and he started asking us questions. He asked some  weird questions and some serious questions. We started talking about Jesus Christ and the things of God. It was exactly the things that Elder Martinez and I were talking about the night before. We were able to answer his questions and give the man peace. I feel like we were prepared the night before for this man…that we had received revelation for this guy. I was also able to apply some of the things to my life what this man was talking about.  I received an answer to one of my prayers awhile back...a little bit later we were out walking and another man came up to us. He also had questions for us. Even though this man may have been a little tipsy haha, he too talked about some things from things we had discussed the night before. I truly believe that God not only prepares the people but he prepares us missionaries for these experiences. It’s important that we’re always listening and always ready.  That is why obedience is so important because we will be blessed and it allows us to be in the right places at exactly the right times. Here’s a phrase I thought of…the mind thinks but the heart knows. It is so true. It is important to follow our hearts. If we follow our hearts that is when we will find the spirit and the spirit is what will teach the lessons that need to be learned.
     Well I love you guys so much and am so thankful for you all.... I’m so thankful to be blessed with such a great family! Love you and enjoy the Bachelor tonight:) Adios mi familia.

Elder Lawrence

I just look fat...I’m not really that fat... haha, well at least I hope not;)

We had a church activity, it turned out really good;)

Church Activity

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  1. Amazing letter and testimony! So wonderful to read!