Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013

Hola Buenas días a todo:)
     How is everybody??? I am doing really great. So I’m guessing that you all are pretty anxious to hear if I got transferred... and yes I did get transferred!  Well it’s what ya do when you’ve got so much time in a place ya know haha. I figured I would get transferred for this change.  Yeah, I am going to miss Elder Martinez so much…he was such a good companion and so easy to be around. We really got along like brothers.  Maybe it’s just me… but my personality is really chill and so it’s easy for everyone to get along with me jk haha:)
    Yeah, I did get to go to the Worldwide Missionary Fireside.  It was really awesome.   It was so great to hear everything they talked about.  It’s amazing how big the part is for the leader misional.
   Dang, so it sounds like you guys have been so busy these days…especially with baseball. I hope the baseball team starts doing better and wins all their games! :)
  So I bet you’re all pretty interested on where I’m at now. So you won’t believe it!!! I’m in Zona Amplacion... yepppp the first area where I started the mission:) in Area Independencia . Isn’t that crazy?  That’s where I really wanted to go. God really knows what we want. I’m glad to be back here because I will be able to see all the members that I know and talk to them better with my Spanish now hahaha:)) So I’m really really excited about that!  I got to see Elder Rodriguez today and talk to him for a little bit.  It was so good to talk to him…I miss that guy!
    Well, I bet your all wondering who my companion is??? His name is Elder Leon and he is from Honduras. He is in the same generation as me again. So yeah, we will be opening this area. Well, I have to go because the time is up… bye, love you all SO MUCH:)

Elder Lawrence

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