Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

Hello everyone…

Thanks for your email. It made me laugh pretty good!! Haha got to love those Arvigs!! Sounds like you guys had a really great time at the fiesta…that’s good stuff!  I’m glad that you have been enjoying my emails. I know that they are nothing compared to Elder Stockards haha but hey I try;)

     So yeah, I counted it up and I have been to the temple 6 times in my mission!! Wow isn’t that super awesome? Really not that many missionaries get the opportunity to go to the temple as much as I have gone. It’s really great too, because every time I go I see miembros from my old wards. I feel pretty famous here haha but really it seems like I know so many people… it’s awesome!!

     So another thing you won’t believe that I got the opportunity to do today on this beautiful Monday in Mexico!!! Yep you didn’t guess it…. I went golfing!!!!!!!! yeah dog!  My companion and I went with the Zone Leaders. Haha well you know how I am good friends with everyone. They invited us to go golfing. We got permission from Pres. Jordan.  Some members that Elder Riely the Zone Leader knows works at the golf course. So we got to golf for free!! It was so awesome haha!!!  Yeah, that’s what happens when you are obedient you get the blessings jeje!! 

      So this week we have a baptism planned for Saturday and right after the bapitsm we have an activity planned so that we can get new investigators.  We are going to watch a church movie in the will be super awesome.  Con todo.  But last week was good , we were way busy all week.  10 inactivos showed up to church this week...the attendance was a little less....but I'm going to blame it on the rain.  It started to rain super hard right before church super hard!  My companion and I gave talks in church too.  They were pretty good.  We received 3 references right after.  so that was an awesome blessing...because we needed them.  But yeah, the spirit was super strong so it was all good and we were really wet because we had to run to church from our house in the rain haha.  I'll send some pictures.  I talked for like 15 minutes like it was nothin..

      Well... do you think you could by a charger and send it here?  Then I can have two cameras… that would be cool.  Things are going really good with me and my companion.  

      Yes, it’s a river that we cross to get to Mataredonda.  No I didn’t know Elder Kunz because he had only been out one month. That was really sad to hear about.  You know me mom…I’m always careful  Well I love you guys so much I hope everything is going really good, and that everyone is super healthy!  I love you. Good bye .. Adios. hasta luego.. nos vamos. 13. meses,;)
 Elder Lawrence

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