Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

       I am doing super good!!! I feel like I just got done writing you, and here I find myself writing you all again hahaha:) Its super crazy how fast time is going by…super crazy! So this week was really good.  We had a good week because we got the awesome opportunity to get to know Elder Ringer a little bit better this last week.  He is the assistant to the president.  It was good to have Elder Ringer with us one day for divisions.

      This last week we had the baptism of Rosalva. It was so spiritual!!!!  I really felt the spirit so strong during the baptism and I was reminded of my baptism. The service really was so beautiful and we had a great turnout for MartaRedonda. It was awesome because one of the members brought her friend Margarita.  God has really prepared her because she felt the spirit super strong, and now we have a new investigator. And after the baptism we watched “The Other Side of Heaven.” It was sweet!  One less active member that we have really been working with showed up. His name is Oscar and he is pretty inactive. So it was a great blessing to see him there. He really enjoyed the movie a lot.

     I’m so thankful for the spiritual experiences that I receive all the time that remind me what the purpose of the mission is. My companion and I  have some good goals here in MartaRedonda.  This last week we worked a lot with members that don’t have the priesthood and a lot with members. Our goal is to get these guys going to church again and to get the priesthood strong here. Everything is going really good with my companion I haven’t had any problems at all. He is from Mexico by the way.

      So your box of candies came that you sent me for Halloween. Thanks so much. I love you all. Have a great week. 

Elder Lawrence

 This is the day I gave a talk and it rained so much on the way there...haha

 When we went Golfing.. Elder Riley, Mendoza, Santeliz

This is who got baptized. Rosalva Martinez de la Rosa

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