Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

Hello everyone….
     Oh yeah, can you believe that!!  It really is pretty crazy how fast the time is going by. Sometimes I just can’t believe it! You feel old?? Hahaha oh plz….at least you still look young hehe.

     Well, I’m still doing very good. Trying to love every single moment of my mission:) So today we had cambios and I did not get changed. I’m still here in Martaredonda…thank goodness. I got a new companion though. His name is Elder Garcia. He seems pretty cool…so I think I have been really lucky with all my companions. They have all been super cool. So it was really crazy all of my old companions were there in central dismorning.  They were all being transferred somewhere. So I got to see all of them and we took a picture. It is probably the best picture in my camera haha! We were all there together… the whole gang. It was super cool haha.  I can’t send it right now because this computer is really slow but I promise I will send it when I can ok:)

    I want some good stuff for Christmas plz…some good stuff haha. Also do you have the cream for arthritis? An older man in my church who is my friend really needs some. I would love to help a brother out.

     I can’t believe its going to be Halloween this week. I just wish this computer worked to send photos. Oh well, what do ya do?  I love you all so much.  Have the best week ever ok:)

Elder Lawrence

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