Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 19, 2013

     So this week was super duper fast... like I really can’t believe that I am sitting here writing to you guys again. This week went pretty dang good. I hope that it went supa good for you guys too! We had the opportunity to contact so many people.  We also had an activity at the church that went good. It was definitely a success! The members really helped out with us.  It was more of a really big family home evening.  25 people went and we played missionary games and stuff. It was really fun. 

     This Monday we went to the temple also... I have been to the temple sooo much. I am lucky to get all these chances to go to the temple. I am super blessed…I guess that’s what that means haha.

      So we are changing our house because the water really doesn’t work that good there and the house is super small….it’s not a good house. So we will be changing this next week I think.

     I am enjoying the work here so much. I love seeing the progress… it is so great. The people here are the bomb haha!!! We got the chance to eat pan- cakes and they were pretty good.

    So I bought sunflower seeds the other Monday here. They now have those in the Walmart’s here…isn’t that great?

     Well,  I love you all!!!  I love the church…it is true!  Read the scriptures say your prayers and have an excellent week. Adios:)  

Elder Lawrence 

Doing a service project for someone in the ward

Elder Cisnado & Elder Miller & Elder Lawrence
at the Tampico Temple

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