Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

     Was this last week Thanksgiving or is it this week?  I don’t even know anymore… haha.  Nobody talks about Thanksgiving down here in the Bronx.  

     I’m way excited to Skype with you guys too…it should be lots of fun to talk to the familia. I hope you guys have some good stuff to say haha;) Can you believe this is going to be my 2nd Thanksgiving and Christmas in the mission…wow. How awesome is that hehe!!!

     So it sounds like you guys had a pretty great week this last week. I also had a pretty good week! But it seems like all these weeks out here in the mission are good because I’m always learning something new.  I have seen so many examples of good solid families and other families. There is a great difference when a family is living the gospel and when a family isn’t.

     So I think my companion is bi-polar.  He started acting way different for like a couple days and then returned back to normal haha it was kinda weird.

    So this last week was super good for us. We had a lot of success! 60 people or so attended church and 26 of those people were less active members. Isn’t that great?  It is so good to see the work of the Lord progress here in Martaredonda.  We also had our Ward Council meeting so that was good too. Everything is starting to get organized here and the progress is awesome. I am pretty happy about that! We have had so many good experiences here. Well, I always have good experiences. Lot’s of experiences…always.  I’m learning and growing so much...not only in my height but spiritually also hehe;)

    So a 16 year old girl that we teach got pregnant but the good thing is that she showed up to church this last week.  A 15 year old girl that we teach is getting married in December…can you believe that? It’s pretty crazy stuff here.

     There’s a lot of mud in the streets here because it has been raining and it has been super cold. I really don’t like the cold at all... haha.  Well anyway, I hope that you guys have an amazing week and do some fun stuff and read the scriptures.  I can tell you that if you do read the scriptures you will be blessed. I know there’s probably not that much time there but here in Mexico the people have endless amounts of time.

     Well this next week we have a goal to put some baptism dates. So we will see what happens. Have faith right? Well, I love you all so much!!!!  Have an excellent week! Adios

Elder Lawrence

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