Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013

Hi there!!
     Wow it was so good and refreshing to get to Skype with you guys. Such a great Christmas present, right!!  I feel especially blessed for the opportunity that I had to Skype you guys a little longer than usual. It was pretty awesome!!! You guys all looked so good and happy and that is what makes me more happy than I already am:) and that’s pretty hard to do because I have been pretty dang happy! Through my time here in the mission I have found out the more service for people the more happy I feel. That’s why I have a strong testimony on the importance of service. It’s a way that we really can show our love for Jesus and that others can feel the love that we have for them.

     The mission is great! We are teaching a family right now that was inactive.  We have activated them and now their kids will have the chance to get baptized. They will be baptized on the 10th of January. I’m so happy and excited for the family TOVAR. They are such a special family... the goal right now for the parents is to go through the temple. I have faith that it shall come to pass.

     Elder Montoya and I enjoyed our Christmas. We made new goals to start off the New Year. These goals are to help progress this Rama. The work here is going really good. The members have been helping us out with our visits and we have had some good activities. Elder Montoya and I are working hard and enjoying the time that we have to serve together. Working in unity and love for the members. We have been seeing many great things happening here and will continue to see many great things happen.

     I hope that you guys have such a good New Year’s Eve.  It’s crazy to think I’ll be home in 7 months. That time is so short. Are there any goals that you guys think I should make for my last 6 months here in the mission? I’m sure there is!  I hope you guys are enjoying your time that you have to relax at the cabin.  I love you all so much... have a marvelous week!!!
    Elder Lawrence

Eating dinner at the shop of a member. Happy New Year's Eve...better pictures to come:)

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