Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

Hey there everybody…
     Wow how lucky are you guys!!! I wish I had the chance to go to Vegas with ya’ll.  Sounds like you guys had a great time there. I sure hope so!!  Seems like everything is going super good for all of you.  You guys are definitely receiving blessings…I know that for a fact!

     So this last week has actually been pretty cold here in Victoria. My new Companion is Elder Quiñones and he got here last Monday night. He is super awesome!! We get along great! He is a little bit smaller than me and he likes to exercise.   We have been exercising every morning and night.  I’m going to get back looking like super man. Haha no that is not true….probably more like a Latino than anything else haha.  He is a really nice guy and a super hard worker. I really can feel the love that he has for me and the area. I’m really excited to be companions with him. I really hope that I will be able to learn a lot from him so we can help others come unto Christ.

     This week we did a lot of searching for old investigators.  We found a couple of names that seem like the families are ready to accept the gospel and we were pretty grateful for that. We are still praying and hoping to find more. We have been talking to everyone and asking for references from everyone. We really want to get our group of people that we are teaching to 30 or more. We feel like it is definitely possible.

      This week the attendance at church was not too great. It seems like the cold weather and rain was a little hard on the people in our area. But we did have a pretty good turnout with recent converts. I’m so thankful to be in an area where we have the help of the members and our Ward Mission Leader. The Visiting Teaching here is great also. There are 5 pairs of visiting teachers and everyone did their visits this week. We were happy about that.
I am excited to watch the progress this change.

     So Elder Quiñones has about 15 months in the mission. So he knows what he is doing but I have been training him in the area all this week. We visited everybody......... we talked to so many people and taught some really spiritual lessons, it was awesome.  One family we taught is the Familia Camacho. The dad attended the lesson and he never attends…he usually leaves.  The lesson with him was so tight.  We put a goal with him to stop drinking and everything. So we will see how the progress goes with him. The work of the Lord is growing. The spirit is strong and it’s a beautiful thing to be a part of.

     I am pumped for Nadia, BreAnn ... and that kid with the beard…. Blake or something like that haha. They will all be serving missions soon and that’s so awesome!  Blake should go up North with all the family and go through the temple because that was awesome! It’s great to hear how good everyone is doing and that Kamrie made dance team. Well I hope you all have a great week!  Love you all so much. Best family ever!!! 
Elder Lawrence

 This is the class Principios del Avanjelio (Gospel Principles class)

 Last day with Elder Montoya

 My new companion Elder Quinones

Pres. Johnson came to speak to us.  He is a member of the Seventy.

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