Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

What’s up me familia...
     How is everything goin with you guys?  Everything is going great here in Victoria. The time seems to keep flyin by so fast! So yeah, I can’t believe I lost my wallet. Well, I didn’t lose it... someone stole it. I accidently left it in the car of a member and they had it there ready to give to me but that night someone stole it.  So somebody is walking around with the picture of a white boy hahah.
     So I got the package from G-ma. Tell her thanks for the cough drops and CTR rings. I also got the valentines package from you….thanks, the shirt is pretty awesome haha…I like it!
     I didn’t know that Blake is playing on the tennis team!  Well that is pretty cool I guess.
     The Rama Bicentenario is going really good! We have been working really hard here. But what is hard on us right now is that we do not have any investigators that are really progressing. We have contacted and searched many references. We’ve got now 3 investigators, and we have the faith that they will progress and make the choice to come unto Christ. This last week in church we had a good turnout. Lots of menos activos and recent converts went to church. The one thing that is missing in this Rama is the Priesthood. So this week we have the goal to focus on looking for old Priesthood holders and to find new investigators. We have been talking to everyone!!  We are really hoping that the spirit will be touching the hearts of everyone as well. All we do is follow the spirit because it’s impossible without the spirit.
     Today we went to the zoo. It was pretty cool!  It was just a lot of animals like normal haha. I love you all so much!!  I hope that you guys have an amazing week!! God is with us.
Elder Lawrence

 Doing a service project 

 The Zoo

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