Friday, October 5, 2012

Half way point at the MTC...Week 4

     It’s Thursday morning and we all woke up to go to the temple. When we get there i look in my suit pocket and my temple recommend is missing, nowhere to be seen!! soo ya i guess my temple recommend is lost, and i didn't get to go into the temple:( well that’s the bad news.  Anyway the days really blend here at the mtc. It almost kinda feels like one big day.. haha. I can’t believe how fast time is flying here, I’ll be in mexico in no time. Hopefully my visa comes on time, also my license. 
     The Spanish is definitely coming along, i don’t feel like I’m having a tough time remembering it. The hard part is the conjugating of the verbs. But it’s really nice to have the lord and the spirit on my side, to give me the gift of tongues so it’s not too bad. Of course I’ve had spiritual moment’s, I get those about everyday here in the mtc. Let's see ill tell you one that is really special to my heart.  Ok so it was late one night, when I hear this beast of a noise coming from the end of the room. The noise was one of the elders snoring, I could not fall asleep. And I know how important sleep is here at the mtc. So I prayed for that beastly noise to stop, and yes it immediately stopped :) haha I might write you and tell you a better one we will see. Let’s see conference is this week!! I’m so excited to hear the talks!! Isn’t that funny?? They mean so much more to me now, i actually understand the importance of them and the meanings now. So that will be way sweet for this Saturday and Sunday. 
     I've gone to the doctor dude twice for that cyst! Its still kinda there but its gone down a lot. All that doctor does is touch it and than ask stupid questions. So I’m just going to wait for it to go away. Actually I’ll probably just pray for it to go away soon haha:)  Could you send me a bunch of ties, like DI ties or something, and my old ones. I want to get into the trading business:) oh and my white watch the big one, i kinda want that. Tell everyone thanks for the letters, i enjoy reading them and hearing what everyone is doing and stuff. Sounds like everyone is doing good, so that is good. I’ll probably write up a letter and send it out by next week if that’s cool with you. We will see though, depends on how much time I have… haha:) i love you!! and i love everyone in the family, and the Mexican people:) The love is just in the air, well anyways my time is up… adios!! have a great conference weekend and week Love you all:) 

Hello me Madre!!
I guess today is your lucky day, because i decided to get back on haha. yeah i need to check the front desk at the temple. or else I’ll just get a brand new one i guess:/ Soo mom, i heard it is way expensive to send the donuts and stuff so candy bars will be just great haha:) oh and definitely he ties. Joe sent me a letter, said that he sent his papers in. And gave me some real sad news… Have you heard about Brian Scott?? i really hope my license comes, mine expires 11/15/2012. Grandpa Sinclair sent me a brand new tie it is a way nice one too. Tell everyone that i say hello, and let them know that I’m doing really good, i seriously haven’t had any problems so that’s good:) i would send some pics but they took the sd card reader things away. and i don't think i have the chord to plug it into the computer here. So i got an idea, with my old ipod could you sometime or have Blake erase all the music and put Lds songs on it and send it to me with a speaker. That would be freaking awesome. Well anyway, I better go I’ve gone over time;) tell dad i love him, and appreciate his letters and his example.
love to all:) adios..

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