Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bonus Letter!

Lawrence Family,
    Hey what is up?  Wow, can you believe that??? Missionaries at the age of 18...and Sister Missionaries at 19.  Dang, that is so crazy!  I bet there will be a lot more Sister Missionaries now.
    Well anyway, how is everyone?  All is good here at the MTC.  Usually we are go go go here, but since it's Conference we have had a lot more chill time....so that has been pretty dang nice.  Blake better be really preparing for a mission now since he can leave so early...haha...too bad he will be in school.
    Well anyway I just thought I would write you guys a quick letter while I was sitting around.  A couple of nights ago my district all built a fort in my room.  We had mattresses covering the floor and we tied blankets above and everyone slept in our room.  It was pretty dang fun...haha!!!
    Let's see I haven't gained any weight and I haven't lost any either, so that is good.  How is everyone doing?  keep me updated.  I love you guys so much!  Hope you had a good Conference.  Adios!
        Love Elder Lawrence  C.T.R.

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