Saturday, October 20, 2012

Week 6 at the MTC

Hello Familia!!!
     Que tal, que pasa, hola, buenos dias. Sooo, you want to know what’s happening this week huh?? Well ill tell you what’s happening. Just life changing experiences, you know the usual. On Tuesday, 4 people from our district which is everyone besides me and Elder Skinner got to fly out and go to Vegas!! Yeah, can you believe that, I totally got jipped?? So I guess before we get our visas we have to go before a Mexican consulate. Elder Skinners and I had to stay back here at the spiritual compound. Hopefully we will get our Visa's soon though. Its kinda like my drivers license it seems to just never come… haha. It was kinda nice having everyone gone though, we got a whole bunch of studying in, and some extra one on one time with the teachers. The room didn’t stink as much either because the kid with gas was gone;) hahaha
     Its starting to get pretty dang cold here, it’s just pumping me up to get to the holy land of Mexico though!! Seriously I can’t wait to see the sun haha. I think it’s possible that I may be the palest kid on campus??  I’m not sure though…jk. For some reason my immune has been down, I had a soar throat and a runny noise in the beginning of the week and I think I might have a ear infection now, but nothing to serious that will hold be back from the work of the Lord:)
     We went to the temple dis morning and did some sealings, that’s always a good time. On Tuesday Elder Bowen of the seventy came and talked to us, he had a really great talk I love all the devotionals we get to go to.
     Hahaha… yea so I guess I look like Marky Mark around these parts, I used to be called Elder Walberg…I’ve got two pics of him hanging on the door, that is the pic I sent you guys haha good stuff:) I kiss it with my fingers every time I leave the room. haha;) I sent the pictures by elder Gneitings card reader thing.. And yes me and Elder Gneiting get along very good still. We pretty much can baptize anyone that comes in contact with us…haha jk. The cyst on my forehead is pretty much gone, so that’s a good thing, just a tiny little hard bump, but no big deal. I haven’t even used my shoulder bag, so it is holding up really good haha. It does seem like it is kinda small though?? I don’t know how much books and stuff that will be able to hold in Mexico, I guess we will see?
      Let’s see I got the package yuppp!! haha I love those ties as does everyone else, I don’t even want to trade them away haha thanks for all that:) let’s see.. hmmm I need some new teeth whitening listerine...I’m all out of that. I’m out of cough drops and the Alka Seltzer stuff also, I can’t really think of anything else right now. I’ll send you a letter if I think of something.
     I’m emailing Elder Barker, Post, and Tay parker its cool to hear and talk to those guys. Also today Elder Brian lee came into the MTC. He is in the same dorm place as me. It’s so cool to see all the people and talk to the people from hurricane. Well I better go my time here is up. I love hearing from all of you guys, I love to hear how everyone is doing and what not Tell everyone I love them, and I’m always praying for you guys.     
  I love getting all the dear letters, and letters. I love reading dads letters too!  These letters are for the whole family. I don’t want dad to feel like I’m not writing him. But I really do appreciate everything you guys have done for me:) I love you all!! Have a great trip at the cabin. Adios... Love you!!!
    Love, Elder Lawrence
       aka Marky Mark;)

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  1. That's so funny that he was called Elder Wahlberg. I do see the resemblance! I always love to hear his requests for the week. Hopefully he doesn't make as many requests when he gets to Mexico and it's more expensive!