Friday, October 12, 2012

Week 5 at the MTC

Que tal me Madre y familia!!!
   Yes, I did receive the donuts, they were much appreciated here at the mtc. I can’t wait for those ties to get here so I can start doing some business…haha. That’s pretty cool that you won in bunco!! Is that your first time ever winning hahaha?
    I received Ethan’s letter… hahah!  I loved the part where he said he did the t-bow after he scored a touch down. HE is such a stud!! That’s great that you finished the book of Mormon, I probably should follow your example and get on that haha. Yeah it’s starting to get a lot colder up here. I can’t wait to get to paradise already and teach the people of Tampico in my gift of tongue under the beautiful warm weather. Nope I never found my temple recommend, but I got a new one and was able to go to the temple today so that was good! Yeah I had to get re-interviewed and everything. By one of the top presidents here so that was cool haha. Nope I don’t know how to call home when I’m in the airport, but yeah I probably need a phone card. If you send me some cash I could probably just buy one here I think. Yeah jeez haha, I want my drivers license already, I can’t believe how long that thing is taking, oh and my visa also:) That’s tight I heard about Mitt Romney, he better win the job as President:)
      Let’s see some experiences huh?? Well for starters on our Tuesday night devotional, David A. Bednar was the speaker. So that was way awesome!  I took some really good notes on that. My days here at the mtc are just full of spiritual experiences. General conference Sunday we had a fireside and Chad Lewis was the speaker. He’s a pro football player and his story is on Mormon messages so that was way cool. Another district moved into are zone so we are no longer the young new district.
     I’m still doing great, the days are pretty much the same here, so it’s hard to find stuff to write about haha. But im learning a lot, that’s something you should know. I’m pretty much fluent in Spanish;) haha jk but its coming along quite nicely. I never forget to pray, prayer is the key to life and success;) haha jk I made that up, but it’s pretty true. Tell everyone Hello and that I love them and am thankful for there thoughts and prayers. I can feel the blessings being received each day.
    I forgot to tell you awhile ago, sister hunt sent me a little letter, tell her thanks and let her know that I received it thank ya. Well I hope all is well at home, keep me updated. I still can’t believe another week has come and gone time is flying!!!
Well adios Family goodbye. I love you all so much:)                                          
    Love Elder Lawrence, el Latino

 Elder Gubler & Elder Post from Hurricane

Boys will be boys...building a fort!
Notice all the candy above the closet. We could start selling it because there is a ton. Our old roomates that left had so much and he left it with us. His parents sent him so much...haha it's sweet!

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