Friday, October 26, 2012

Week 7 at the MTC

La Familia, Que Tal!! What the heck is up!!
      So I’m just going to start by telling you some good news… Guess who the new Zone Leaders are??? Yep, yours truly:) Elder Lawrence!! So ya, there’s a new gran hefe in town! They must love us hurricane boys!! So pretty much everything is still going really good here. I’m getting pretty excited to leave though. I really like teaching real people, a lot better the fake investigators. Yes I got the package you sent. Thank you for all the stuff, especially the flarp. That has made for some pretty funny pranks here at the MTC… haha. I’m feeling really good, no runny nose, no earache, that went away after the first day. So yeah everything is really good here. The food still gives that Elder gas in our district.. haha, it’s pretty funny but gross.  Yeah I have the chewable vitamin c, I’m pretty well set I think. I can buy the phone card here so I’m just going to buy it.  It’s like $5 for 200 min or something like that.
      It’s snowing right now. It’s pretty dang cold up here. We went to the temple dis morning, me & Elder Skinner. The rest of the district got to go back to Vegas because they messed up on their passports, so once again we got jipped haha. But it’s all good because today is my p-day and I wouldn’t want to miss that anyway;) hopefully I get my visa soon!! I’m not sure I really would want to be reassigned but whatever happens is in the Lord’s plan, and will work out for the betterJ
    There was a really good fireside talk this Tuesday by Larry Ecco Hawk, he told an awesome story. We got a new district this week also, it seems like yesterday we were the new district, now we’re the oldest. Well I’m not sure what I would like in the new package?? hmm maybe some teeth whitening strips or something I don’t know haha;) Lets see what else is going on around these parts, I’m not really sure, all the days just start blending together especially when we are doing the same things everyday. There is a lot of studying going on, if you guys were wondering.  But I love sitting in a classroom all day so its awesome hahaha.. Oh I look pretty pale kinda, I think it’s because I haven’t seen the sun in 8 weeks, but I really like the shade of pale I have become, its quite nice. I haven’t lost any weight or gained any weight so that’s good. I’ll try to think of anything I need, ill send a letter home if I can remember or think of anything.
     I hope everything is really good for you guys at home, I pray for you all every night, along with my visa;) haha but seriously… Keep me posted and updated, I love to hear about everything…it’s great!! Before I leave I’m going to send a box home with some things I think, just some things that I won’t need in Mexico. It will be nice leaving the Antarctic and getting to paradise, that will be kinda weird going from snow to hot sun.
     One thing that just came to my mind, you guys should read the book of Mormon as a family… But actually finish it this time:) that’s my goal for you guys…That book is amazing and is so true:). Alright well I can’t really think of what to write anymore, but if I do I will send a letter home. I love you guys so much, and I thank all of you for giving me the opportunity to be out here serving a mission. It’s the best thing that I could be doing…I love you all sooo much:) 
      Love Elder Lawrence
          El Gran Hefe  

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