Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Week 2 in Mexico

Hola Familia,
     Yep, another week has come and past by, isn’t that crazy? Time flies by fast these days!!! Especially out here in the field, the time really went by fast this week. Weeks are starting to feel like days almost…haha. Things were really really great for me this last week. It’s kinda hard to remember all that has happened….probably because my mente is so focused on Spanish;) haha.
     So my companion and I have a baptism date set up already!! For December 9th , hopefully she keeps attending church so she will be able to be baptized by then. It’s harder to get baptisms now because of the big change. We only teach menos activos miembros.  We are also supposed to get a member to come with us to all the lessons now. We don’t do any street contacts unless the people come up and talk to us. We work with the members a lot, its pretty great! The members are all great! Actually everyone in my area is awesome! They all love the elders… me and elder Rodriguez are pretty much famous around these parts…haha. The girls here really love white blue eyed boys too!! haha. My companion really caminar rapido (walks fast) haha! I remember how hard it was for me to walk with mom in the mornings, that wasn’t even fast walking either. I really am being blessed because I’m not lazy like I was!!! I really can’t believe how lazy I used to be, its ridiculous. I wasted a lot time being lazy and I don’t know why!!
      So we actually have 2 iguanas now!! I bought my own! I named it Alpha…So its Alpha y farje haha. Both are like the same size as the iguana I used to have. We just got done cleaning the house.  It’s super clean now, so that is a good thing.
     Wow Dixie won State!! How did that happen?
     So I’m not really sure what I want in the Christmas package, how bout you surprise me. I would like a lot of candy and stuff though, that would be cool. I like when you guys send me pictures in the email you should always send me pictures. You could send me some new pictures in the package too.
      Ok, so my companion is from Tlaxcala Mexico. Yes we get a monthly allowance we eat a lot of food haha. I’m probably starting to look fat, I don’t know. We go to the taco stands a lot, they are so so good. Right now I don’t have my passport with me it’s with the people at the church office building. We have a washing machine at our house, so that is nice.
     That’s good that you guys have started the libro de Mormon as a family, that book will truly bless your life. It will answer any questions you have. I have some advice for you before you read each night.  Have a question in mind or something you need to know. Pray for that and read the book of Mormon. You will find your answer in that book.
     Well, I better wrap up, my time is limited. I love you all soo much! I’m grateful for all your prayers. I’m praying for all you guys as well. Love you and thanks for all the letters. Well, I’ll talk to ya next week:)
  Adios muchas amor!
     Love, Elder Lawrence

 This week I got to do a companion exchange.  Guess who was my companion for the day? Haha… yep Elder Johns! It was pretty fun!!! He is a really awesome guy and I learned a lot from him.

Elder Lawrence & Elder Rodriguez
with Farje & Alpha

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