Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1st week in Mexico!

Buenas tardes!! Hola familia!!
     I’m loving my area…I love Tampico!!!  Everything about it, I’m serious.  Right now we are in downtown Tampico chillen for p-day. The weather has been so perfect here. The food is so so good!! The members only cook the best of the best for us…haha.  I haven’t had any problems with the food at all. Not even one stomach ache.
      Everyone is sooo nice and so loving!! They all respect and love the Elders. Everyone says hi to the elders and we say hi to everyone, I love it.  I can’t believe how fast the language is coming for me!! It’s definitely got to be the gift of tongues!! I can talk about everything that I want to in Spanish and I understand pretty much everything. So I don’t feel lost at all. I have full conversations with my companion and the people that we talk to. We have been teaching and visiting less active members. We visit so many people!! We haven’t even been turned down yet. Here we don’t even knock on doors anyway, the people are usually outside and if they’re not outside we just yell buenas dias, buenas tardes, or buenas noches.  I fit in so good here, the people just all feel like family to me. They really love the blue eyes…haha that’s key;)
     I haven’t had to use my water filter thing they gave me in the MTC. The people don’t drink the water out of the sink, it’s all out of jugs and its good water. My companion is so awesome!! Really we are a lot alike, I love the dude haha. He is a really good teacher and he’s so good with talking with people and everyone loves him!  People are always offering to buy us food and stuff too. The food really isn’t that different, except for the fact its freaking amazing haha. Like, I’ve eaten chicken, hamburgers, rice is always with the meals & tortillas. I’ve only had beans once. So I haven’t eaten anything crazy yet… but maybe in the future.
      Today for p-day we cleaned the house up real nice, and then went to a flea market, now we are in downtown Tampico kicken it. We gave two blessings this last week which was cool. Oh ya, we have a pet iguana, Farje is his name. It really is our pet…its awesome, he helps clean our house…haha.  I saw two people from my MTC district earlier in the week, because we had to go to downtown Tampico for our visas. So that was really cool to see those Elders again.
     How is the family doing? Everyone sounds like they are doing great!! Too bad it’s cold there…haha.  Lucky for me the weather is perfect here!! People do drive pretty crazy here in Mexico, I guess that is something that is different.
     Well ya everything is going really really good for me so far, I am loving it!! I must say, it has been a pretty successful week here. Especially for it just being my first week…we had some really good experiences:) well, I love all of you guys soo much. Thanks for your prayers, I’m definitely getting the blessings from them.
     I love you all… keep it real and ctr. I hope this was enough information;) I never know what to write haha.
      Elder Lawrence 

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  1. I'm sooo happy for him! Reading his letters brought tears to my eyes. I'm just so thankful that he's doing so well and loving it so far. I'm glad the language is coming quickly for him. What a blessing! He looks so great in those pictures... just beaming! :-)