Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Definitely not in Utah anymore!!!

Hey family,
      I made it to Mexico!! The Mission President is letting us write home to let you know how we are doing.  Well I’m definitely not in Utah anymore that’s for sure.  These first days have been crazy! I have so much to tell you but there is not much time. I just want you guys to know that I’m doing good. It’s already been the hardest thing I have ever done. But I know that it will be soo worth it. It’s weird not knowing what people are saying. I wish I already knew the language then it wouldn’t be bad at all haha.
      So some exciting news... You know Elder Stockard, well when I got off the plane he was the one to pick us up. He is the Assistant to the President. Isn’t that mom’s favorite blog page? I also had a meeting dis morning and Elder Johns is in my area and he was there. I’m pretty sure that's another blog page guy mom likes haha. My companion is Elder Rodriguez and he only speaks Spanish. Its pretty dang crazy he is way cool! I sure know that I am going to learn the language fast because of faith. But right now it is really hard to talk to people and know what people are saying. Just being out here these couple of days I realized how much I miss the family though. It’s hard being away I realized how much you guys have all done for me and I love you so much.
      So the place I’m serving is in Madero, right in the city of Tampico. It is great! The people here are sooo nice, we say hi to everyone!! I tell you what, it definitely isn’t what I thought, but I like it haha. Our house is small and pretty messy, I’ll have to give you the address so you can look it up. It’s a little pink house. I haven’t felt to hot here. I really like the weather so far, it’s way better than the MTC weather haha. So I’ll send you pictures on my first p-day. You will love them! I do look really pale in them but don’t worry I’m healthy and not sick. I just got pale at the MTC from not seeing the sun…you know how my skin is haha! I’m really excited to get mail from all of you… like I can’t wait haha:) you can send me as many emails as you want also, I love reading them. Ask me questions so I know what to write about. I have a lot to say, I just don’t remember it all once I sit down to type. I think it’s because my brain has so much going on. I loved dad’s letter thanks.
     I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to talk that long in Houston my plane was boarding and it was really crazy. So how is everyone doing? probably not as good as me right:) all I know is that I’m going to be doing a lot a lot a lot of praying for 2 years. That’s for sure. Oh the showers are nice and cold here if you were wondering. So I’ll tell you about my companion, he is really hard working just like you wanted. We are always working. I just hope I don’t lose weight haha. My first night flying in was crazy; we went through a lightning storm. Once we landed the president and Sister Jordan were there to pick us up. We went back to the mission home and then left and slept at Elder Stockard’s apartment. The next day we found out who our companions were and where we were going to be living. Then we left, they said it was the last time we would be seeing carpet for awhile. They definitely were not lying haha. That night my companion and I went out to go teaching. After that I tried to get settled in and unpacked. The next morning we got up and started the day with studies and a meeting with the zone. That is where I met Elder Johns. We than went to a members house to eat. We ate some really good pescado. Then we went shopping for some comida. Now I’m here emailing you haha, ya it’s been crazy. All I can say is when I can speak and understand Spanish… oh and get used to cold showers, and the food, I will be tearing it up haha,) with the power of God of course, the only way I’ll make it out here is with the Holy Ghost. It’s pretty weird how safe I feel, I think it’s the name tag ha. Well I have no more time to write, sorry it is time to get back to work. I love all you sooooo much like you have no idea!!
 Adios, goodbye love you. yo se que la inglesia de jesus cristo es la verdad! muchas amor

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